Mcfaul On Trump And Ukraine: ‘Kind Of Behavior’ We Used To Lecture Countries On | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Mcfaul On Trump And Ukraine: ‘Kind Of Behavior’ We Used To Lecture Countries On | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Mcfaul On Trump And Ukraine: ‘Kind Of Behavior’ We Used To Lecture Countries On | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Different did pressure about eight times in a phone call. This morning, President Trump reiterated the argument this personal lawyer has made. It does not matter if he just got take political rival with a foreign leader. All of this is happening ahead of schedule next week at the United Nations General Assembly. It is September, it is what we affectionately refer to his uncle week next week, UN General Assembly, in case you hear that word. She served as the US ambassador to Russia and the last Administration Kimberly, Michael and Doug are also back foreign leader phone call. Transcripts and recordings. Are they recordings? Are these notes? Are these full transcripts or could it be any of the three know how the Trump Administration operates? I want to underscore that maybe they do things differently, but when I worked at the White House and participated on these phone calls with foreign leaders when they were phone calls from the Oval Office, they were record and there were transcripts and then those transcripts were made Available by the White House Situation Room to a very small number of very Senior People, almost all of them who worked at the White House, not only, but it was a very household who got to look at those transcript working at the White House to another agency Or putting it together, offices. That’S right, because there are lots of details at the National Security Council. Director has all of those people were detailed from other places. The state department, CIA, so that’s a possibility, but I obviously I don’t know the facts: let’s bring it to Ukraine here here. Is this all sort of seemed to play? This is all seeming to play into the foreign-policy goals of Vladimir Putin. Meeting delayed Aid in fighting in Ukraine, you inviting here in the United States over whether we should offer Ukraine and if we do, let’s do it as a quid pro quote. If we do we’ll do it as Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin’s goals, of course, in a number of ways, number one rule withdrawing and holding military assistance to design to deter Russia from attacking and further attacking Ukraine. That’S in Putin’s national interests but number two, and I think this is much more important, the president of the United States, he says: well, it doesn’t matter we’ll. Actually, it does matter because it makes our president sound, like he’s not acting in the America national interests, but he’s acting in his own personal interests and that undermines the integrity and reputation are the president of the United States and our country. That’S the kind of behavior that we used to lecture countries like UK Russian. Not to do so. I have our president. Do it undermines American National interest much more broadly than just the specifics about Ukraine. World is trying to use Frank Leta muddy up. The situation. President was in a conversation at the Council on Foreign Relations in East talking about the Ukrainian government. Now he was representing US national interests, obviously they’re trying to create the picture. That button was somehow boring about his own son. I know you’ve seen this video. How concerned are you about it being a the number one and number two give us some context here that you think we may be missing. It’S a complete Distortion of the facts and it’s complicated so bear with me. First of all, the person that he was talking about that needed to be removed, not investigating corruption. That’S why the United States government wanted him. That’S why other Western European leaders wanted in remove the vice president. Talking points are in general agreement. Well, beyond the Vice President. Obama, administration policy, everybody thought that guy was corrupt and not fighting corruption. So that’s the first piece but there’s a second piece of I really think is important. That gets conflated here and mr. Giuliani completed it again. Last night, there’s one thing to invest in corruption or not and and by the way the ukrainians should be be the Sovereign arbitrators and what they should investigate. Who are we doing tell them what to do, but there’s the other piece about collusion that he keeps bringing up that he keeps saying this is all intertwined, and it’s not the information about Mr manafort that the ukrainians themselves found out was done by elected officials in Ukraine, that was, they uncovered corruption, and they exposed it to the world. That has nothing to do with this. Other story that that mr. Juliana keeps linking to the son of the son of the vice-president. They are completely separate things and they need to be separated, as we talked about them further. Alright, you brought some expertise and trying to explain and give advice to Joe Biden. How does he prevent this from being gas-lit mislead? The largest English language paper in in Kiev has already said that this is a bogus story. The Washington Post and a whole bunch of other bites have said this is a conspiracy.. Well, they should just make the point that Ukraine to investigate his biggest opponent is the one he fears the most, which is Joe Biden. It’S also the only a strategy available to reason, the mid-forties and in the polls he will never get above 50 %. His only option is to make the Democratic alternative illegitimate to do the next Democratic nominee, largely what he did horrible like fat strategy. How does this impact his primary campaign in one time I won’t see this is this is what Hey Joe Biden candidacy, I’m not even sure the other candidates will have to hit him that much because it’s because it’s involved him it’s going to be so hard for Him to address and either issues of National Security in and things like that. These are issues that just are not what’s driving Democratic candidates. Don’T want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk too much about Trump. They want to talk about. The policies affect their hearing directly opposite of that will be meeting with zelenski next week. Resident portal alienate this President well it’ll be difficult history I don’t know personally, I know a lot of people that work for him and have joined his government know. He’S he’s got a 70 % approval rating and he claims he’s going the right Democratic direction, market-oriented direction European Direction, it’s our job to help him succeed, and, what’s so tragic about this, is we have been for 20 years me personally to I just spent a lot Of time working on you, prank I’ve been lecturing them about. You don’t get out of the swamp. Rob stop, and here we have the president of the United States, basically engaging with him in exactly the kind of behavior that we don’t want them to do, and I hope they’ll take the opportunity next week to clean it up And demoux Vicente minimum better direction is Choi seems to be Putin or Trump, while he’s got to play the long game and at the end of the day this is a long game weather Ukraine joins the West in the Democratic community of states or not he’s made His vote is clear: what selenski wants to be a process that will happen over years and decades after President Trump bad argument? I don’t believe that different group of people, so, let’s not say, reopen the investigation. They looked at it, there’s nothing there, it’s time for people to return to fax and move on. I knew you were going to talk about the Oregon tomorrow at 10. So thank you.. Do me a favor subscribe by clicking that button down there click on any of the videos to watch. You don’t know anything about where it came from. You don’t have to have that problem with us. Nbc News MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscriber now.
Michael McFaul, Kimberly Atkins, Michael Steel and Doug Thornell join MTP Daily to discuss the new reports about the president’s conversations with Ukraine. Aired on 09/20/19
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Mcfaul On Trump And Ukraine: ‘Kind Of Behavior’ We Used To Lecture Countries On | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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