Medical Price Roulette: Same procedure, different price

Medical Price Roulette: Same procedure, different price
Medical Price Roulette: Same procedure, different price
What is the second day of our CVS, use 3-day investigation. Take a closer look into the eyes of healthcare costs. Cbs News, consumer investigative correspondent, Anna Warner shows us how prices vary by thousands of dollars, sometimes that facilities that are just miles apart. Miriam Harper was 12 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby. It’S a reminder. Every time I get a bill, I’m just in Tina’s miscarriage was hard enough and prices Phyllis just keep pouring in this lab in that lab. Her first visit when the bleeding started was to a local birthing center for the visit and two ultrasounds at charged her $ 150 later in the day or symptom. So she went to the local County hospital they to send her home, but the next morning I got up to go to bathroom and just collapsed, but then conscious by hasn’t could not get me to come to Baylor Scott & White hospital, where doctors gave her the Same to ultrasounds the bill for those $ 1,500 $ 1,500, 1500 of 10 times stop medical prices vary greatly, even within the same city. Take a look at the cash prices prices used here as a benchmark for comparison. We found in the Dallas area when our partner clearhealthcosts surveyed providers for lower back MRI. Without contrast, the price goes anywhere from $ 295 to $ 5,323, a mammogram screening range from $ 139 to $ 743, and some they aren’t even very far away from each other. At Texas, Health Harris Methodist, the cost for a cardiovascular, All Saints Hospital, the same cardiovascular stress test is priced at $ 270,000 and Carol is a professor of Pediatrics and Health Services. Research cuz someone can, if someone is willing to pay it for, has to pay it. Then someone is likely to charge that amount of money area resident Mark. We learned about medical pricing the hard way. What is doctor recommended he get a routine anoscopy called the provider to make sure he knew the maximum Bill. He’D face sting fine to me, but when the bills arrive, the surgery center tab alone was $ 4,800. The doctor $ 3,800 can the pathologist an additional $ 300 dollars in bills. I would have either postponed it for awhile longer or I would have gone somewhere else for the procedure in San Francisco. An MRI of the upper back cost $ 550, while 4 miles away at St Mary’s Medical Center. The price was $ 5,751. What’S the rationale behind the price, you have to remember that that the people were providing Healthcare are also trying to make money, and so a lot of the rationality is: how do we drive Revenue? How do we bring in resources so that we can make a profit profitable with the American Hospital Association? Each Hospital sets its pricing according to its own methodology. Correct 15 is, at most people, look less at what is being charged for a service and really are more interested in what they are going to have to pay out-of-pocket right 4X. There’S no rules or regulations that I am aware of. Mark Webb wound up paying over $ 4,000 out of pocket for his colonoscopy, not sure which now Baylor, Scott & White waived Miriam Harpursville through a financial assistance program. But she still owes money to the sturgeon and another facility, St Mary’s Medical Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, for its lower back MRI in our survey was too high, but would not disclose what it says was the actual price. We posted the hospital statements on our web page, where you can also see the prices we found go to. That website is CBS News. Health costs, and why are there please share your prices with us. Tell us what you paid: click on that Sharon search prices, button that you’re staying right there on the web page and share your prices. Tell us what your prices and we we’ve done – our surveys that only surveys – cash prices. Of course, insurance companies negotiate different prices. So we want to know from the audience. Would you pay, because your prize such as you have insurance, which most people do we something different? What insurance companies and hospitals won’t disclose those price, and now they don’t make a reservation available is from all of you. So please, let us know one else, as I say you can also, they can also search sample Market that clearhealthcosts journalists surveyed for us and they surveyed the cash prices on 3235 common procedures. The idea that listen, if I need to have this ultrasound, the other MRI of the lower back MRI, is given that will cost. You will have to call your insurance company and say: okay now, you know how much he reimburse at XYZ place, but you can checks or put it somewhere. It is, but you know what for certain things doctible for that year and one place cost $ 1,000. In other place is going to wind up costing you $ 500 and talking out of pocket after the insurance pays yesterday you know you are needing a procedure you or needing another scan your nervous about the idea of needing another people say we’re going to run this Test – and you think you have something going wrong – I need an MRI to make you and you want it. That’S the next day and your doctor can set it up for you at a facility that they work with because they have a relay. You can get it, but I will tell you that a lot of times, if you do call the stand-alone radiology center, I’m guessing a lot of them, can get you in just as quickly as available, if all they do is radiology at a dispensary Salem Center interest. To get in as many people that day as possible, so they have an appointment open, they’re going to you know they just have to get insurance approval. It’S Collier insurance, some sort of regulations that would at least put up back against that any kind of legislative proposal. You know the insurance companies, the hospital’s, the doctors, doctors, don’t want to be told by somebody else. What to charge and they’re going to say look. You know this is very complicated. We a lot of factors that go into the things that the hospital Association said to us was a big part of their cost. At Major hospitals is labor that labor costs. You know they have more and they also have obligations that, for example, stand-alone Radiology Center providing emergency room where lots of Lena low income and poor people will come in. But here’s what the experts say they get paid for those visits and they also make a lot of Revenue even if they’re non-for-profit and they say look around at the hospital campuses. Look at the salaries of the administrators who some of them are making millions of God. about. Okay. Do you need to make quite this much on these procedures right and the negotiations, of course, which we can talk a little bit about in tomorrow’s? Our third part tomorrow we’re going to Patient if we’re going, to look, no we’re going to look a little bit. Negotiations on the prices between hospitals, insurance company deals that they’re making and why those negotiated prices are secret. If you call your insurance company and see what the prices are between that, you have with Hospital acts and how someone has to go see how they’re going to tell you, I must have specific resources: how to fight a bill. 10 tips for fighting a bill. What questions to ask go: read those resources, some of those written by our partners at clearhealthcosts, that you can go to that button and click places. That’S where you can share what you paid for going to go through a pass-through page. We have to click another button on as like a disclaimer page and then you’ll land on rchc CVS, joint page left hand side, you paid right hand, side, search prices in our two sample Market. I bet it does. I will always see you tomorrow same time same time.
In part 2 of our investigative series “Medical Price Roulette,” CBS News consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner spoke to one woman who had the same medical procedure at two different facilities and was “shocked” that one charged nearly 10 times more. Werner joined CBSN AM to explain how that happens, and what you can do to avoid paying more.

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