Meet Europe’s new koala clan – BBC News

Meet Europe’s new koala clan – BBC News
Learning about how to do it, feat inside the crate being around such noisy 1980. Why sleeping lion internet the things like chlamydia retrovirus when that gets into a population of koalas is devastating. We don’t have retrovirus and chlamydia in the wilding in the UK, so by bringing them over. Here you have a nice, almost filed Superior population.
Five southern koalas have been flown half way round the world as part of plans to create a back-up population of the species away from their native Australia.

Although not an endangered species, they are considered to be vulnerable.

Scientists in the UK will be looking for ways to help them thrive, away from the threats of diseases such as chlamydia.

They’re now settling in to their new home, at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.

Video Journalist: Laura Foster

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