Meet Hong Kong’s Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch

Meet Hong Kong’s Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch
Meet Hong Kong’s Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch
We’Re following Kent on weekdays: he works a summer job at a convenience store on weekends. You protest. Can you tell me why you had to order these Amazon is safe, being monitored by police? We got over $ 500 a week salary just for once. The police is that I don’t want to have a fight, or I know I cannot persuade him just like what he’s doing now tomorrow. I would never let my dad know: where does he think you go record influence? They have paralyzed the City, Stadium, striped, barricading streets and occupying the International Airport. The government has dug in his heels the police, have crackdowns impunity response protesters have embraced hardcore tactics leading the charge our young men and women students on summer break parents know that you’re out here, but now the summer is coming to an end. So we came to hear from the voices behind the mask: can they sustain the fight and how far will they go in the face of unyielding resistance? We meet up with a young team of Medics. Everybody just know switch places with their gathering at a hotel. If part of an underground network of safe houses that open their doors to people supporting the movement, what protesters don’t organize overtly they worried they’ll be arrested, but the Medics take the extra risk DTA. The question are they prepared to face the real life consequences of standing up to China, Richmond weather news, any new weapons that you never seen before disguised themselves blow my face last. The police station people watching us on a rooftop ways of getting harassed, getting shot, protesters like to see some violence as the only way to force change that attitude. I’M right here and weeks after protests began. Hundreds of thousands are still coming out in Hong Kong. We are now fight for our freedom protesters stand outside police in government headquarters contemplating their next move. Hong Kong continues, but this Summer’s fervor will be put to the test when many of these protesters had back-to-school people on the streets dispersed peacefully until he’s with them. A little deflated they just decide to go home. Am I supposed to be
Antigovernment protests have raged all summer, aided by student activists. How will they be heard after they go back to school? Here’s what they told us.

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