Meet Maelyn Jarmon, hearing-impaired winner of ‘The Voice’

Meet Maelyn Jarmon, hearing-impaired winner of ‘The Voice’
Meet Maelyn Jarmon, hearing-impaired winner of ‘The Voice’
The Voice imagine season earlier this month. She said a number of First, the 26 year old singer from Norman Oklahoma, was the first member of the team, John Legend to win she’s, also the first contestant but hearing impairments to take the crown male and joins me now from it. Frisco Texas, welcome and congratulations. Mahlon, what does it mean to you to be where I am, and it’s just so validating and humbling, and it’s just I’m beyond grateful. It was so unexpected that I mean that honestly. So it’s just been a whirlwind, but also hasn’t quite hit me. Yet it’s still sinking what was it like to work with John Legend? He is the most wonderful person and he said he don’t. He got obviously there’s a reason, amazing mentor and he really cared – and I think you know what I was hoping that because of his first season that he’d be excited what happened. He was fresh. Your story is incredible. I understand you can only hear in one ear. Tell me a bit more about that, but that condition I was so young. I adjusted well to it, and probably a big factor was at my parents: never treated it like a disability. It wasn’t something that I had, and you know music is something that’s embedded in me and my dad is a musician find a way to be a singer, no matter what, but I actually, I kind of think of it. Like a superpower, you know I hear music differently. I sometimes if I can’t hear well enough, I focused on vibrations, so it just feels right print to me. Then I think it is for most singers or or people that listen to music, and that seems like that’s almost to you and many who also suffer from hearing parents were reaching out. Who is supporting you help? How far was that? How it’s been incredible? You know I never even thought about that before I. You know they’re going to be okay and they’re supposed to say that, because I washed just with my child, who has a hearing disability and they are so inspired night, I was brought to tears because then you know now. I know that you know they can look at this, but it’s it’s a mindset. You have to look at it as a challenge find your successes in life there that much sweeter, because you were able to pull through something like that. We are so happy for you here before I let you go what is next weekend we working on an album. Sooner than later, I have lots of songs in my back pocket, but I have a meeting with you know the label Republic next week out silly and we’re going to talk about kind of what. What were what were thinking and it was going to be a single. Definitely, music. I definitely want to do like a little YouTube channel for a little bit cuz. I do. I still love you know doing my own Arrangements have cover scent of song, so I’m going to. Will you congratulations again?
Oklahoma singer Maelyn Jarmon says her parents never treated her hearing impairment as a disability, and she treats it as a ‘super power’.

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