Meet the Biohackers – BBC News

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Meet the Biohackers – BBC News
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Meet the Biohackers – BBC News
Alrighty, are you ready ready meet a group of people from different corners of the world only by desired to make that bodies and brains function, backup technology, adult sing, extreme diets trying to change the biology they were going with some trying to live to a hundred? I’Ve come to La stuff to meet some biohackers who it into body implants I defined them. Someone is coming to meet me here: juhasz directions in his hand; okay. So how do I get my directions from this Google Maps Lester Road in Garvey? This is jenova rain. The salon, as well as more conventional things like ear piercing she inserts chips into people, but we have rain today, is an ex ante microchip implants. What kind of people are getting these jobs is Daphne more people that are interested just for the novelty of having one and having the I’ve been upgraded to a cyborg open, NFC Reader in my car keyless entry.. So if I would like to start my car without needing my keys, this is my I like to call tomato prices in my life as possible, and this is just another way of doing. The chip is County, located roundabout headed to the neck of the Native, I’m pretty big. Are you ready, ready, look at me mom, then the movement of trees for Raven? Does it actually work Burger King on Canal linked to any website, and she could hopefully program it? All I mean the next by a hacker on Hampstead Heath in London. Live you buy. Bed sets develop something cool the north sense he can literally feel North what’s inside is I have a compass check if you have a Bluetooth and lots of others, doctors are making it work. How is it oh yeah? You can fill up in a bar in here. How fresh a day Theron face nose is what about creating a human senses. Some animals can already sense North. Why shouldn’t we? He wants this to be the start of an entire in-built navigation system. Which way am I facing. Do you have no idea what happened in the world navigate to World? Exactly like a bird friends are the North Pole, Netherlands, Israel, which lie is a 40 year old cabinet maker, from Saint George in Utah in the US, it’s like a taser to do fun. Pranks right just grab the doorknob and then just wait for somebody to come over to get electrocuted. I think it’s hilarious right here in this finger right on the side and then another one of my middle finger right here on the other side of my hands, like that small NFC chip about the size of grain of rice right here, another NFC chip right here. It’S about yay, big I’ve got a biotherm ship in my forearm and then up here. I’Ve got headphone implants right in my tragus this little bit of part of the G stuff that you got right at the front of your ear, and I don’t know when I go out to rest person like that and I’ll just be messing with it at the Table at always captures people’s eyes and they’re like I’ll, be doing that soon as you get it like Big Field, and it’s just all he’s doing in the background, and it’s like your sense of taste or or something you just take it for granted. When I have dreams, I dream about the sense muscle sticking to my ears: I’ve done some crisper modifications to my own body. Genetically scientists are still working out. The limits and dangerous rich is experimenting at home. He says if he gets it wrong, he could kill himself. Genetic modification like you, would get a tattoo, that’s officially something that’s the world that I’m kind of fighting for it. I want to see a biologically food Society where people can just augment these things. Heater tons of syringes, intramuscular injections, fantastic legs – I Want To Riches, failed body, hacks in-built, shin guards that goes so swollen. They have to come out again from mission on the removal took out the scissors I’ll come to Germany to meet some good workout. This is Karina and American Events organized at living in Berlin. Her version of biohacking involves a daily ritual technology and supplements experimenting on herself to try and keep in Peak physical condition. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 23. So this is the power plates and that is an infrared light. The power-play vibrates you anywhere from 30 to 50 times a second. This is a infrared light, so that’s really good for pain is actually really good for your skin as well as helps build collagen. So I usually confined the infrared, and the power play together Karina keeps her legs bad, like this, even outside in freezing cold Berlin. It’S a cheaper version of cryotherapy or cold therapy. I like what you would consider you a big by a high-tech biohax. I also eat a ketogenic diet, so that is so. That is a high-fat, moderate protein low carbohydrate diet. How I got started in all of it cuz I was an accident and there was at like about 40 kilo, metal tent. That fell on my head and knocked me out at a really bad concussion, where it’s having a hard time walking. I couldn’t talk anytime. I want to talk to somebody, I could say all the words in my head, but when I went to speak nothing I was just like. So my boss of the time, told me about a specific MCT oil that was called brain Octane and he drinking really good for your brain. I drink it and that day it’s like my brain turned on and I could actually hold conversation and I had like form sentences. Is the brain octane oil open the floodgates? If this works, this one little thing works so well like what else can I do by a king’s Army is taking control of your own biology, it’s taking shortcuts to get to a place that you want to be so short heading to your house. That’S kind of how I think of it at least. Do you ever worry that you all are doing home with some of this stuff, but she’s a long time? No, how does ketogenic Cafe I’m eating another bed and biohacker as unrealistic as it sounds, would like to live to 50 made you stop by prostate cancer. Prostate enlargement and one side effect words. Well, you keep your hair, and that was the turning point where I realized. I can change my biology amino acids. Derek is not actually diabetic check his blood sugar daily to make sure it’s an Optimum, stable levels. What do you see here is your stuff? That’S not, may I ask taking 100 % responsibility for your own biology. I do my research myself and I do take the full responsibility for you, 60 months old and being a biologically young. Dad is one of my biggest motivation and my son is good enough motivation doing all that Rich Lee works on his ambitious project. Yet very long running plan for a built-in vibrator to be installed Under the Skin, just above the penis, basically designed to turn him into a sex god, I’m putting a vibration motor in my body. Why not have one downstairs and become a sex? I work or something like that. I’Ve been through so many proofs. I think my number 10 right now is really close and finding number 7 and right before implants running for some final test and there’s just a small switch that brokencyde. I asked me that I’ve sent maybe $ 15,000 into it so running into hurdles but we’re getting there. I printed my kids been really supportive. Some things I think, you’re kind of gross, but I don’t I don’t pester them about Golf and they don’t pester me about biohacking.
Bio-hackers are people who want to make their bodies and brains function better – by ‘hacking’ their biology.

That could be as simple as taking vitamin supplements but if you call yourself a Bio-hacker you’re likely doing far more than that.

In this film Catrin Nye meets people inserting technology under their skin, trying to edit their DNA, changing their diet to try and live to 150 and trying to create entirely new human senses.

We met people in the UK, Germany and the US who want to push the limits of what it means to be human.

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