Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch
Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch
Hi, I’m just curious if you know anything about the event. That’S going on down here. Cuz, it’s on behalf of police families, right technology, more than three months of unrest have transformed city they’re. Defending their freedoms from China. Confronting them are also hongkongers in Munich. Every demonstration, no matter how peaceful it begins and many hongkongers don’t blame protesters the violence they blame. The police come out here for the window and I didn’t really smell. Like your guys, it’s been like 2 months and they really should think about their strategy, because why, as protesters gather Ordinary People step in from the sideline witness doesn’t end here on the streets, neighborhood homes, owners of society who confronts demonstrators a government that is unwilling to Compromise: Singapore, Malaysia, you can go to see what are you putting up tonight, going on the cops to tone down aggression and, at the same time, they want protesters to remember that the police are their neighbor Stuck in the Middle exercise. Their only real choice is to quit. When is a Hong Kong police officer in 2008, she resigns. She is since decided to go public with her story outside City Council elected. You can better encourage others to heal their divided City. Pinocchio Chinese organizing an upcoming rally with other police relatives, my husband and I think in a differential. I won’t. I want the police treat people fairly and I told him once our kids room, I’m going to think about it. For folding table height commands to Police Headquarters. They calling for an independent inquiry into police misconduct and they’re, insisting that the government take responsibility for the violence in the streets known. He was under the illusion that their demands will be answered, but they hope they’re creating a space where people come to listen.
What happens when families find themselves divided across police barricades? As protests continue in Hong Kong, and distrust between the public and the police grows, the tension continues at home.

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