‘Meeting the stranger who saved my life’ – BBC News

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‘Meeting the stranger who saved my life’ – BBC News
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‘Meeting the stranger who saved my life’ – BBC News
I think a lot of people think when you are thinking about this. I think I think about the impact some other people. It was 24th of March 2017 that I decided to be my last day alive. Enola State been a decision. I’Ve been thinking about for quite a long time because I lost my mental health. Is that some time in the hospital – and I came to the conclusion that I have my feet – just cuz, if I couldn’t walk, then I wasn’t useful to anyone so that day. She tried to get help that day. You’ve been to the doctor. So I was thinking about going into my head about doing it and I think I am feeling like nothing’s changed and it’s okay play that lost bit of Hope. That was why I am second I driving as a qualified driver, so I was let loose off that a year in a bit of training out in the big wide world in my hands, everyday and hats at break and was turning around and coming back. I’M from Boston up north eat, my hat goes completely. I wanted to say explains my family wonderful here and then I write wanted to apologize to the train driver to explain it when I left my house when you think about someone who is feeling suicidal attempts, think that is quite dramatic, but it’s the little things that He hardest hang out in the street dad again, I’m not going to see my brother again painted on it just watching it coming Play, Store. Electric. Was probably my brain and also I didn’t say that if I love that so I pulled into the station stuff is normal. Enzyme OC was required to see what happened. Then I’m leaving was making a while on the platform. Sebastian just stepped off the train and in the distance I could see if a cockatiel live. She was in total shock after you turn around best. Remember him trying to reassure me, because I was so sad, but he was just asking me that he was trying to find out a bit about what was going on about what I was trying to do and why he asked me a lot about my family. My dad – and he told me that he had a son and he explains about his his previous job as a firefighter and how he’d seen it from the other side and then pop that it has. I can help her in that respect and was facing facing something to a complete stranger about reasons and maybe she’s not. He was so calm and he was just like having a lot of the thing that makes the biggest difference when you with anyone in crisis. Just having someone that kind, nut kind of gives again on that night, AdSense day to meet the driver to help me than I that I tried to hack my life be nice to see what happens. Ford from La Puente Grande. From my point of view of C, I think about it quite regularly, and especially when I’m in the area, you know the place where we didn’t meet some kind of hit tonight to meet her and see how he’ll exchange them. What was it happy birthday? Natomas, don’t be ready to speak to each other. Well, I always fun twisted like in crisis. I say so one of the last week of July sandy Nelson dramatic change fortunes for Philadelphia. Then that’s really great smile naturally plays in that she’s freaking positive energy into helping yourself and helping others. They kind of death in the wild. So it was nice to him, I’m so glad baby, bum
In March 2017, Liv Pontin was struggling with her mental health and decided to take her own life.

She was stopped by a train driver called Ashley John – who she never saw again.

Now the Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Andy Smythe has reunited them.

Some may find Liv’s words upsetting.

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