Melania reveals meaning of her ‘I don’t really care’ jacket

Melania reveals meaning of her ‘I don’t really care’ jacket
First lady is speaking out tonight about the administration’s immigration policy. Back now Alice Stewart, Hilary Rosen and Max boot. I believe in the policies that my husband put together, because I believe that we need to be very Vigilant who is coming to the country. But you need to let them to know who they are to bring in their families, provided they are properly vetted and they go through the proper channels and they they go through the legal process for we’re coming into this country and following the laws and following the Rules and coming about it in a legal Manner and I think she’s right to feel that way in the end, that’s the way it should be as long as you’re doing it the legal way through the legal channels. That’S the way. It should be tell that the president is actually come out of pain, opposed to the so-called chain, magic migration policy, where they’re, allowing families in and so and yes, but a but others have been blocked. You know I’m not going to take off after mrs. Trump for her husband’s policies. I don’t think that’s appropriate, but I do think that it’s unfortunate that said tonight also in this interview that she wore that Infamous jacket to go to Texas. When it said I don’t really. I would the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane and it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me and want to show them that I don’t care, you could criticize you want to say, but it will not. Stop me to do what I feel it’s right, because I seen how media got upset about it. So okay did one of it was like. Maybe it was her husband, some people said. Maybe it was to the media and now she’s saying it was to the media. The White House mock the media for focusing on it for trying to figure out what it was and, of course, the night here it is. You know the so-called fake news is real. Well, her spokesperson specifically said Don. Is it herpes the message we only could speculate on it but regardless, let’s remember, she was going to the border to check on children that have been that had been. You know aggressively separated from their pair horrifying ways in painful ways. This is tearing the country apart, and that was the day that that she thought it would be fun to poke at the left-wing media like that, and it’s still 2 tonight in the center, when she didn’t express pain around that for those families. It’S just it’s just sad. I find it all sad that she’s gotten caught up in her husband’s you no attacks on the on the media. Instead of focusing on real problems with policy Max is she also said that to me blindsided by the family was blindsided by the family separation policy. She called it heartbreaking and unacceptable to see children separated from their parents. Is it sound like she’s trying to have it both ways? Well, yeah it. I understood, cause the doubt that she really supports the president’s immigration policies. I mean the other thing that she said in the in the last few days, which was amazing, was she said that she is the most bully person in the world, which I thought that Chris Hayes out a perfect comeback to that where he said he’s never ceases To be amazed by the way that certain conservatives can be both victims and Victor’s, and there is a night you know, I think what Melania Trump is reflecting opor me, I’m I’m so victimized, I’m I’m being bullied by by all the people. On the other side, when this is the first, the first couple of the land, I mean they are incomplete charge and her husband, of course, is is the number one In America which you know makes you wonder about who the real Target of Melania Trump’s anti-bullying campaign Is I mean be best? This is something that her husband could take the heart and the reality is. I don’t actually think that Melania Trump is criticize that much all, because you know like most first lady, she manages to be about politics most the time and her approval ratings are much higher than Donald Trump’s out in this. Her sense of victimhood, I think is, is is out of place here. I just think about listen, the First Lady, you know just that they’re, not the president of the United States, not the leader of the Free World, but I don’t think people should be criticizing her for her husband’s policies or any first day of her husband’s policies with It to be bullied about fashion, for something like that not to be bullied but to be criticized about that is not being bullied. There was a message behind it and first, ladies, are always call her all heart big compared to animals and they say she’s the most bully person on Earth, or one of I just think it’s it’s I am is how I feel because got some proportion here, everyone She was a birth as well. She went along with that as well, so I think she feels like she is one of the most bully people, because she is criticized very often – and I think so much gets lost in the day that you just do more. That coat that day, but it some more time more time, was spent on talking about the coat, then that the compassion that she showed two children on the border Wichita. That said, I really don’t care. Do you. I mean the first lady actually complains that people focus on her clothing rather than her message that she wears very striking clothing like she was wearing that kind of colonial Out of Africa author or she was wearing that. Jack. That jacket with it not caring message on it, so I mean if she doesn’t want people to focus on her clothes, I mean she doesn’t have to dress in such a controversial fashion. Okay, I’ve got to go
First lady Melania Trump says that her ‘I don’t really care’ jacket was a messaged aimed at the left-wing media in an exclusive interview with ABC News.
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