Melbourne attack: Police treating stabbing as “terrorism incident”

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Melbourne attack: Police treating stabbing as “terrorism incident”
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Melbourne attack: Police treating stabbing as “terrorism incident”
Rochester and polices I’ve just sit. There have now sign that they treating this incident as terrorism. What more can you tell us Joseph Abboud does a small explosion, then a short time later check pedestrians, random injured, three of them, one of them. Another is in hospital. In a critical condition – and the third is in serious injuries, but it was unsuccessful. What shopping Charlie again, unsuccessfully, shot him in the chest and he was taken to hospital in critical condition reported by the place is that the killer whale has since died in hospital has experienced January. There was a major incident roughly in the same area in the business district 6 of who they were children and Babies, R Us among the casualties. It was experience any further about him, but suddenly Australia, terrorism, incidents in the past few years of racism, they’re about 80 people accused of terrorist related offences, County in custody in Australia and terrorism related incident. Today we don’t know exactly what motivated the lifespan of the stage from Sydney. Thank you.
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