Mendocino wildfires continue to burn, threatening more homes

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Mendocino wildfires continue to burn, threatening more homes
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Maria Villarreal is in Ukiah California or firefighters are working to contain the Mendocino complex fires and let last element in your story I was just shaking my head cuz we’ve heard all these horror stories of people who think they have time to get away for they know it’s you know these Flames I should have looking at their back door yesterday we asked firefighters were at all concerned about the Mendocino a fire meeting each other cuz he’s at two different fires one of the fires came within 1 mile of a neighboring town of Lakeport how did firefighters managed to fight back that fire interesting story yesterday we were actually pretty much neck-and-neck with not only the fire but with firefighters as well our crew was following along with them as we saw the fire basically come over the hills and just instantly I was saying a matter of 5 minutes you could see that thing rapidly coming down the hill and overtaking going over a major road Highway 175 I think the main thing we have to realize is that fire comes the complications that you just mentioned where in remote areas rural areas This Is Us and also today’s firefighters that are out there and try to battle these fire the one that we saw that was very interesting was the amount of air drops that we received you’re actually pulling water from like little irrigation areas at that are used for the wineries in this area and taking that and dropping water all in there and that was the main way that they were attacking this fire we also saw a number of firefighters cruise at work at station there to try and battle back in people’s backyards to try and create lines in the ground and on top of that drop hoses so there were a number of ways if they were able to try to contain it to some extent keep it from destroying structures and also getting closer to the city California fire spokesperson said this early are rare and they don’t even see fires like this until October I mean to that is surprising to me and so I wonder he’s into why residents weren’t ready to flee their homes prize for the news of wildfires are in their backyard I think what was surprised about this one with how quickly so many fires burn or started to burn in the general area that were talking about so you had the car fire that was up north from here about 3 hours driving distance and then you had the Mendocino complex fires which is the river in the ranch coming together or being put together logistically the fires never combine but they were so close to each other that they were pulling resources from each other I think that’s what really surprised residents in this area because you’re talking to thousands and thousands of Resident structures homes that are needing to be immediately evacuated and these areas don’t have a huge infrastructure for them to get out so you’re seeing these small two-lane road that are having to now how is numbers of drivers are how to get to the next city to make sure that they’re safe so that’s I think it was most surprising for them was the amount of time they had the limited amount of time and how quickly some of the Winds picked up even yesterday afternoon so they’re battling that only the blaze but also the weather conditions that continue to fluctuates over the last few days you know we can see just how destructive the fires have been just by looking at what’s behind you but we can’t get from the video is this Mel you know I just sort of a covering single house fire and you home and there’s smoke in your hair and your clothes and it’s a very strong odor I can’t imagine when we talked about whole neighborhoods what does it smell like best right or even in our car is because yes that smell just permeates through your skin through your hair through your clothes that gets through everything in your in your car is in your stuff and you’re looking at some of these wineries that are being impacted those Grace will be the smoke if they survive of of these fires as as you can hear and see it clearly this is a major impact of the area it’ll be awhile before the smoke kind of clears through here and kind of moves on but but the smell will live I mean it’s something that’ll stick around people’s furnitures in their house in their walls for for quite a while until they can get some fresh air through the area of a real thank you so much thanks guys
Firefighters continue to battle the Mendocino complex fires in Northern California. CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal reports from the area, where she says the smell is overpowering.

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