Mercedes Schlapp on the new shutdown deadline

Mercedes Schlapp on the new shutdown deadline
Is the present really prepared to shut down the government again in three weeks? I think he actually is keep in mind he’s willing to do whatever it takes to secure the Border he does to is very seriously. This is a serious humanitarian and security crisis and, as president of the United States, he takes to secure the nation as His Highest priority the House Mercedes negotiations with Congress. This is who obviously we’re trying to see if we can get this legislative fixed and ensuring that were able to fund the border and if any, also has perfectly set the table for other options as well in order to fund the border. So again, we feel we’re in a good position. I think at this point it’s a matter of seeing if Congress can deliver. What are those options include? Executive order about declaring a national emergency or goal right now is to ensure that Congress can come up with a plan of action. You have these conferees coming together. This Wednesday, they need are going to be meeting with experts to talk about what resources border patrol agents need. The president has been one to listen to our border patrol agents and they have recognized the need of having funding for physical barriers, and that was why we came up with a 5.7 billion dollar figure because of the thigh that it allows to build over 200 miles. Of the wall in the top priorities that the border patrol agents have identified to ensure that are border is protected and were able to decrease the amount of illegal immigration. Immigrants are crossing the border, but there’s a lot of other things in there that deal that you put on the table two weeks ago. How many Democrats in the house do, you think, would vote for it wanting to make sure we were able to reopen the government and then negotiate with the president. We’Ve have Democrats on record saying the physical barriers work. The president proposed a good-faith effort in good-faith compromise, with an opportunity to bring the Democrats to the table. They refused to negotiate. Now that we’re back on where we are able to reopen the government for the next three weeks is going to put pressure on these conferees. Any Democrats to vote for at this point it’s up to the conference to come up with a good plan and then at that point the president will decide if that would be enough resources to ensure that we secure the Border. Is there a state of the union date set Mercedes or working with Nancy Pelosi’s offices to set a date? Obviously, when she first invitation, which was the fact of saying that there was a security concern or ask for a delay in the State of the Union, there were no security concerns or the president’s looking forward to addressing the American people talking about our booming economy, the Great work we’ve done too All American workers, as well as to talk about our strength in in in before in circles, and what we’ve been able to do, for example, in moving towards Phoenix liras ation in the Korean Peninsula. So we have a great story to tell and the president is looking addressing the American people. pics of collusion with a fight a president or senior White House officials. You know, I think it’s just interesting you for setting the standard on on Rodger Stone to also you know, ask a question about others Who provided false James, Clapper or James Comey for that matter. What is the president has to say about this this morning? Rodger Stone as we move towards the State of the Union. It’S a talk about ways that we can work with Congress to achieve our priorities. On the president’s agenda, I mean our goal is to continue to push forward on economic prosperity. I’M sure that wages keep going up, making sure that there are job opportunities for All American we’ve created over 7 7 million jobs. I mean that is just unprecedented, and so the president wants to keep focus on those issues. That matter, which is that of the economy, which is that of ensuring that we secure our border, and then we were talking today about human trafficking in his shoes issue right now on the southern border, where ice, for example, was able to identify over 300 victims, human Trafficking to those are the issues that we’re focused on in the White House. The National Assembly itself would represent a grave assault on the rule of law and will be met with a significant response. What is suggesting in terms of response the Maduro regime on it is time for Majora to give it up. This is a moment where the Venezuelan people are talking or speaking up. They want democracy, they want rule of law. They are tired of what we have seen as an oppressive regime that has destroy this nation and destroyed the people of Venezuela. It is time for a democracy to speak. It is time for Freedom that is with the Venezuelan people want. It is why we are recognizing the interim president, Juan y., and I want to make sure that there is success in that in that region and in That’s Country here. Is it the latest that we heard from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on this either stand with the forces of Freedom or your league with material and his mail? Their action is the president and his administration, looking at taking here, look at our economic and diplomatic channels to ensure that we put pressure on Majora’s regime. It’S it’s one of the angles that we’re doing to ensure that we can promote democracy in that country. It is a quitting time where they, you see, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans going to the streets to support the VIN from president. Why, though, we know that the National Assembly has spoken, they want Maduro out, and this is a moment in time. For that to happen, we are going to continue to talk to our allies and, as secretary Pompeo said, it’s time to pick sides and we stand with freedom. We stand with democracy in Venezuela and we want the people to regain the power in having a dictator in place. That is absolutely destroy that country
‘Our goal is to assure that Congress comes up with a plan of action,’ White House Director Of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp tells ‘America’s Newsroom.’
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