Mexico ‘close’ to negotiating end to U.S. steel tariffs, Mexican economy secretary says

Mexico ‘close’ to negotiating end to U.S. steel tariffs, Mexican economy secretary says
Mexico ‘close’ to negotiating end to U.S. steel tariffs, Mexican economy secretary says
Canada’S foreign affairs minister, Christopher Freeland, is heading to Washington Memorial before she did that she met with her Mexican counterpart in Toronto. Today they met, as both countries continue to press the US to remove tariffs from their steel and Aluminum Products. Washington, if you said tomorrow, to meet with us trade representative, Robert lighthizer, so what if the Trump Administration refuses to lift those tariffs are Canada and Mexico considering more retaliatory measures against the US, Graciela Marquez Colin is Mexico’s Secretary of a car, and she joins me now From Tron Ohio Secretary, wonderful to see you thanks for coming on the program, thank you for the invitation. It’S my honor to talk to your audience Asian list against us 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum. Why are you preparing that list now impose the first retaliation list? So I think it’s time for us to R fresh socialist and it would maintain some of the products that are already on it, and then we might a switch for economic and political reasons. We are tomorrow products. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal which ones, because they’re there is a process by which we need to approve them. Poreless would look like that it would be focused economically. What does political mean? What is going on? In the United States? We decided to include products that might have impact on some legislators that might help us lift into trife. Just it’s just a matter of the process would need to follow, to publish it so we’re in in weeks before at least two weeks before public, but it’s done. The list is finished. Restorations on lifting guitarist, not only in the US, but also here in Canada. So we’re very hopeful to to have the tires lift. I want to make sure we don’t for us. Retaliation list is just a consequence of the the steel and aluminum tariffs would prefer not to have the retaliation list. Free trade with our partners in North America, Canada and the US, if you are it’s part of the process of negotiating the lifting of the ties with her strategy of the ratification of the cu2s MCA, the treaty that the modernization of the NAFTA treaty, but part of That ratification process, we believe that we have a winner of opportunity in negotiating the lifting the the 232 tariffs, the lifting of those tariffs to will you refuse to Malaysian about that, but by the Congress by the executive branch. Va Administration of the retaliation list is done by the executive branch, so there are two different there. Two different. We understand they have a link and we want to take the opportunity before the ratification, that we need free trade, free trade among partners that are committed to build a region that needs to complete globally. And by that I mean that we need to to make a commitment on free trade, separate separate processes, but but it has. Canada has news. For example, the government here has mused about potentially holding back on ratification if those terrorists aren’t lifted. Are you saying there’s no way to make that threat? I don’t think photos is very important to lift the trace and we have been in this same position since December 1st when we took office. Is it important to let the terrorists but is there? Is there any do you have any sort of ability to negotiate or any leverage? If you can utilize the ratification of the deal that you’re tying the two together we are. The Canadian government are the two together, but I wonder if that message is a message to the US government Administration in the White House trade partnership. We don’t have to have the same treatment that other countries receive. We are Furnishing free trade and we need to have free trade insulin, aluminium days of conversations between the Prime Minister, the president, the Prime Minister and the vice president, in which these tariffs were were discussed. There seems to be some momentum, at least from the Canadian perspective, on relief as far as those tariffs are concerned. What happened? Canadian products Mexican, your impressions of this momentum, our chief negotiator, who has had been in Washington for a number of vase few months – and he has the same impression – we are, I think, close to negotiating the lifting of the ties. That’S why it’s important to be here in Canada today, so that we can share opinions and we can, since Housing Association is going in Canada, Housing Association is going in Mexico. We might thinking, we might be exploring the possibility of having a trailer Carroll equipment. So that would make sense in in terms of what we are partners. so far we have been negotiating on bilateral tramps, but if we get similar proposals we might go into a trilateral, but that’s just a possibility, discuss Beyond yourself and Minister Freeland to include the US. Thank you very much, and I also appreciate your invitation. Thank you. That’S Mexico, Secretary of the legislature in Toronto, Maura Barr show by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Mexican Secretary of Economy Graciela Márquez Colín said she thinks Mexico is close to a deal to lift the United States’ controversial ‘national security’ tariffs on steel and aluminum.
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