Mexico hints at impending NAFTA agreement in coming days

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Mexico hints at impending NAFTA agreement in coming days
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the Mexican president elect says he is expecting an agreement with the US in the coming days Andres Manuel Lopez obrador made the announcement today during bilateral talks between Mexico and the US Canada is not part of these discussions Ottawa says It’s Not Unusual for to party talks to take place ministers from all three countries are expected to meet next week for more on this development motion Lander economics professor at Concordia University joins us Mexico says there will be in agreement in days is it unusual for two partners of a three-party deal to make an announcement like this countries are informal that’s the way to try and find common ground when negotiating with a third let’s make an announcement imminent of within the last 24 hours this this where will this put pressure on Canada to come to its own quick agreement to get this drawer lateral deal done the final nail says who beat the deal but I don’t think that’s the case that Donald Trump is not quite about announcing his intentions and giving away things before they actually happen so we haven’t heard about it you’ll now or you could quickly find yourself on the wrong side of the deal go to a bilateral agreement ministrations this is going to be able to be just the deal that’s an ounce I don’t think that’s going to be what actually happens I think there’s still a lot more of this circle that needs to be squared and I think we’re going to see some sort of General announcement that an agreement in principle got a lot of the details building that usually seems to be with Trump wants he wants to headline but he’s not the guy Canada continues to be that the Dairy Farmers and so there’s a great room for compromise here between Trump and the president-elect in Mexico on auto parts or other parts of an acid peel and both sides can go back to their bases and say that they want
Concordia’s Moshe Lander says it’s unlikey that Mexico will compromise on issues involving Canada, like a sunset clause.

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