Mexico won’t abandon Canada for bilateral trade deal with U.S.

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Mexico won’t abandon Canada for bilateral trade deal with U.S.
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but freaking Simon Lester he’s a trade policy analyst with the Cato Institute he joins us from Washington Simon Mexico is pledged it would not have been in Canada to sign a bilateral deal with the u.s. is that a promise they can actually keep I think Mexico and Canada are pretty firm about this babe they want to negotiate first I think Congress would be skeptical that so I think maybe this is more just the way to pressure Canada and making some concessions and I expect us to continue in bilateral path what would 1 be better even for the US is or is it just negotiating back to that other thing bilaterally I don’t think the evidence really bears that out but they’ve said it enough that we have to take it seriously I tend to think in this case they recognize that Nash is going to stay try to lateral it’s more of a wishing tactic begin to make it encouraged Canada to make more concessions perhaps but I think we’re staying trilateral first or second I really wouldn’t worry that much about these things I think the Canada has a really good team bilateral knee for the midterms do you see if you see this affecting Trump badly place at as a win if he gets it radio he says what I want to go to trade deal if he doesn’t he says what I want I’m playing Hardball I’m going to get you a great deal so important he’ll do what he wants for his own reasons and yeah I just I don’t think it’s really going to have much of attack on voters who care about other things much more than they care about trade and not freak out can friends just take Canadians are very good at this you will survive if you will get through it thank you
The CATO Institute’s Simon Lester says U.S. President Trump’s threats to do bilateral deals with Canada and Mexico is a negotiating tactic.

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