Michael Avenatti: It’s Too Late For Donald Trump And Cohen To Surrender | The Last Word | MSNBC

Donald Trump has officially in writing surrendered to Michael Eva notty what are the president’s many lawyers put that surrender in riding on Saturday in a filing in federal court in California in the case of funny Clifford also known as Stormy Daniels vs Donald J Trump also known as David Dennison the president’s high-price lawyer in that case Charles harder is finally doing what I’ve always said he should have done at the very beginning of the Stormy Daniels and that is simply free Stormy Daniels from the non-disclosure agreement that she signed legal hell has rained down on Donald Trump and Michael Cohen because they immediately tried every trick they could think of to try stop Stormy Daniels from going public including Michael Cohen publicly threatening to bankrupt Stormy Daniels with millions and millions of dollars in penalties but Donald Trump and Michael Cohen would visit upon her for violating her confidentiality agreement is a convicted felon tonight and Donald Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator tonight because of the way they chose to fight Stormy Daniels a fight they were so confident they were going when until they heard from Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael have a naughty in court and on this program and elsewhere and they should have realized as soon as they saw Mike 11 on it that they should drop this case and now they are finally trying to drop the case will Donald Trump in Michael Cohen formerly going in the court saying we released Groomingdales from the non-disclosure agreement there for the case is closed but Michael Eva notty says not so fast and Mike 11 ID is draining us here now and Michael have to tell you I when I saw they were dropping the case I thought okay they are slow learners but that’s the way out of a civil case either side can get out of a civil case the other side wants and your case was we want stormy down to be able to speak so they said okay forget it she can speak the case is over and I thought that was it that was the end of it until I started reading your pleading today and it turns out there’s more to this case well there’s a lot more to this case Lawrence you don’t let’s back up I’ve been saying for a while that we’ve been playing chess and they’ve been playing Tic-Tac-Toe and that’s been true now for the better part of six months and it’s true in the last week in the last 72 hours if you’ll recall we filed a very basic complaint to start this case in March there was a reason for that we then made an offer of settlement shortly thereafter and we offered to return the $130,000 in there was some other parameters and we gave Donald Trump and Mike set. Of time to respond to that offer they blew us off they refuse to accept the settlement offer which I anticipated that they would do and shortly thereafter we filed what’s called an amended complaint where we amended are allegations that we made those allegations much more detail and we ask for much more than we had in the initial complaint and there was a reason for that and the reason why we did that Lawrence’s because I anticipated that someday I would be sitting in a seat like this and we would be where we are right now and the problem is is that Michael Cohen in call Trumper In Too Deep they waited too long they didn’t do what you thought they should have done 6 months ago they didn’t do what I thought they should have done frankly 6 months ago and so now what they want to do is they want to cancel the case they want to call no glory they want to come play surrender and we’re not willing to accept that surrender under the under the terms that they want offered what are some of the claims in your case that would not be satisfied if they were allowed to Dropout of this case now action or claim against Michael Kahn we still have the defamation claim against Donald Trump have another claim against Michael Cohen relating to his conduct and conspiring with Keith Davidson to hide information and documents from my client and furthermore as it relates the NDA we wanted judicial being a determination that that India is not just knowing Boyd but that it was an illegal contract that was proposed by Donald Trump in an effort to violate campaign Finance law specify this in your complaint that that you want this as a finding order which they could then do as an admission they could just write it out as an admission in their next filing and say okay yes it was more much more than just she be released from the non-disclosure agreement is also an issue of attorneys fees they they poured lawyers into this thing which ran up the costs on the Stormy Daniels out of the case on your side of the case after having done that well let’s just everyone go home put this lady that we saw it in there for a reason because we boxed in Donald Trump because we knew that never in a million years would he be in a position you could admit that because where he to admit that he would have a much bigger problem that you do now have that admission on record from the other party in this case Michael Cohen he he’s on record in federal court as saying exactly in effect what you demand correct so we’re halfway to home now we need the other half which is we’re going to get an admission or a Judicial finding by way of confident evidence that Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to do this to violate campaign Finance laws either going to get that by way of an admission which I don’t think we’re going to get or Buy cross-examination in a deposition and ultimately a trial and that is our goal and it’s been my goal for 6 months and it’s going to continue to you only with Donald Trump as a defense going might be able to work his way out of this it is it is fascinating Argentina number things can happen between now and then this is very Dynamic situation and things happened in a very quick Pace but I just hope they keep playing Tic-Tac-Toe and I’m confident they will we’ll talk about how it turns out I’m looking forward to four more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Donald Trump and Michael Cohen both surrendered to Stormy Daniels, offering to tear up the non-disclosure agreement if she drops her case. But Michael Avenatti tells Lawrence they waited too long and vows to prove Trump conspired with Cohen to violate campaign finance laws.
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Michael Avenatti: It’s Too Late For Donald Trump And Cohen To Surrender | The Last Word | MSNBC

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