Michael Bloomberg enters 2020 race with largest political ad buy in U.S. history

Michael Bloomberg enters 2020 race with largest political ad buy in U.S. history
Michael Bloomberg enters 2020 race with largest political ad buy in U.S. history
According to Forbes, there are just over 600 billionaires in the United States. 3 of them are now running for president. According to advertising crackers, that is the largest one week, political in American history, as our political correspondent, early contests in the middle class. Kid who made good my Bloomberg became the guy who did good former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to rebuild a country. The week-long ad Blitz roll out in at least 46 States and cost a record-breaking 34 million dollars and the multi-billionaire is promising not to take any campaign contributions at won’t accept sorry if he wins the White House Bloomberg. A republican turned independent turn Democrat decline to run in 2016. In September. He told CBS This Morning he wouldn’t join the 2020 primary while former. Vice President, Joe Biden, there was not a road for me when Joe was in the race to get through and because we would have split the votes. Liberal Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Biden welcome Bloomberg entry this weekend. I want to go campaign. Bernie Sanders there criticizing field of candidates. Additionally, 49 % said they would not consider Bloomberg if he entered the race research, he must be aware of come with a massive Advil or, I don’t think, it’ll be easier. There certainly a lot of smart people working for him and he’s not getting this right. So no reason you know it. We heard earlier from add that it’s 34 million dollars at the biggest and buy history that would make him the second biggest spender on the election. So far, just behind Tom steyer on television spent a little bit more than that, but even the rate for a little bit longer. But you trying to basically the airwaves, make sure everyone knows his name and see what happens then wing of the democratic party it might ring as entitlement to sort of say you know what the Democratic candidates I personally don’t like any of them. I personally think I’m better than all of them to vote. For me, Democrats are happy with the Democratic Dino bigwigs Democratic officials. Donors will worrying about the field, but people are happy with the field. If it’s not somebody, if you’re, not a liberal who supports Bernie Sanders or live with – and it’s too so nobody’s really itching for someone else to get in the big difference between Bloomberg, Deval Patrick can spend whatever he wants and it really won’t be a drop in The bucket to a personal wealth, but he need to reach a threshold in donations, if he’s not taking any money $ 1,000 donor Mark to do. Anyways qualification for the next debate closes in just about 2 and 1/2 weeks of December 12th office ruled that out. What does the DNC decide for the rules going forward? Dnc Chief Tom Perez trouble the place that will not be based on donor 54 hapsy Basin, the number of people rapping voting for you in the states. We don’t know the threshold for the stick to bait. That will happen in 2020, yet, but it’s in temporarily talk to him to be onstage, going forward planning to compete in the early stage like Iowa and New Hampshire instead focusing on on March 3rd. Super Tuesday contest never been used dates and, if so has it ever worked out? I n 2015 nomination New Hampshire, Iowa South Carolina Nevada. They don’t actually have all that. Many delegates is not that much up to crabs. Close early voting early State, they went to the field for a reason attention to who wins these selections of some sort of level of viability in modern-day that’s been successful for any candidate. You don’t nobody else. Had the resources like Michael Bloomberg does right now major media conglomerate that could have you know the potential of looking a little bit Shady on the surface of CBS News obtained a memo sent to Bloomberg News employees by their editor-in-chief. Saying quote: we will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike and family and foundation, and we will extend the same policy to his rival in the Democratic primaries Mike Bloomberg, the candidate or then the almost candidate said if he ran for president. He sell his media Outlets. Will he actually do that? You know it’s not to snap your fingers, you find a buyer for Bloomberg, but it puts the reporters are in a tough situation, really dedicated field. It’S going to have a major I mean so, if you’re not able to investigate both the Democrats and the Republicans, what kind of media organization are you right all right play ran for president will actually let go of his business. Look at that level of support that he thinks he needs to be maybe entangled himself from his quite visit Empire either, and he has been a lot of consternation for a long time. Alright, so pivoting away from Bloomberg. For a moment we know Sanders is well-known, but could this be erased? She could win. Oh absolutely, it was one of those prominent figures in the in the Trump Administration for a very long time in a 2022 with a long way away, and she won’t clear the field, as many people in Arkansas will be waiting for this job and I’ll. Just step aside, what candidate of the White House cuz? She was a loyal Soldier she’s, a very loyal to the Trump Administration like North, far away in a state as red as Arkansas to know she would be a prohibited front-runner, maybe not the overwhelming feeling start Times. Article out today raises the idea that the president’s son, Donald Trump jr. or even daughter-in-law New York, Congressman Peter King speech and a pole from a conservative group, Lincoln primary by 30 points, regardless of what happens to President Trump in 20/20. Does it look like Trump ism? Is becoming the future of the Republican party? I mean he’s, certainly not going to shut down his Twitter account, even if you lose President Donald Trump is the most popular figure in the Republican Party. By in large, does his extended family want to run for office? Being a relatively Manilow member of Congress is not a particularly glamorous job. Donald Trump jr. does Lauren want to have that job? Maybe maybe not you know it’s not play Battle Ground. District Pete King is represented that area for years and years and years ago, with his retirement Democrats hope they can play their but doesn’t mean that Trump like candidate won’t win, will it be in the Trump family by Hunter bino, if not a glamorous job high-powered job And Donald Trump Jr position right now going out on the campaign Trail he’s pretty popular fundraiser. For you know, candidates across the country, that’s probably brings him more Spotlight and more power than a member of Congress. What is totally possible?
Politico campaign reporter Zach Montellaro spoke to CBSN’s Tanya Rivero about the impact former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will have on the 2020 presidential race.

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