Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer ‘to plead guilty’ – BBC News

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Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer ‘to plead guilty’ – BBC News
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Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer ‘to plead guilty’ – BBC News
Let’S go to Washington because Chris Butler can bring us some breaking news about his lawyer. What’S going on is Trump’s former personal lawyer Donald Trump’s, mr. sex, at the mound he would sort out problems from you may remember. For example, he organized the payments to two women who claim that they had affairs with Donald Trump, including, of course, the pornstar Stormy Daniels well in a surprise, appearance in court in New York. There’S a hearing that is taking place at the moment and it seems that he is preparing to plead guilty to making false statements to Congress on Addison relation to the investigation is going on the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential Election, of course, things which Donald Trump very very strongly denies. It seems that it is a specific thing that he is putting T20 Century. He is pleading guilty. According to these reports, in, as I say, the hearing is still ongoing, but that he’s making full statement in relation to a real estate deal that was taking place between the Trump organization and which was taking place in Moscow. What was sometimes referred to as the Trump Tower deal in Moscow, and it seems that Michael Cohen says that he totaled told Congress lies about what he stopped being involved in talking about that deal. That was important, say it. Uncle Tony’s already pleaded guilty to blank and tax fraud charges they were in relation to charges brought by prosecutors in New York. This seems to be different. It seems to be in connection with special counsel investigation that Robert Mueller investigation, the President Trump continues to call a Witch Hunt and it does suggest the videos not fully cooperating with Robert Mueller and that he is pleading guilty as part of forever deal with premiere. Congressman of course, why Washington, everybody’s waiting with bated breath is, is it going to ditch? The the truth is: is that the old suggestions off is that Michael Cohen, as Donald Trump’s, for huge amounts about the president’s business? He was the man who the president went to whenever he wanted to get things done. That’S why he got this mr. Fix-It reputation. The president pump was concerned whenever Michael Cohen was having conversations at the moment. Of course, we simply don’t know how much he has told Robert Miller, or indeed how much Michael Cohen actually knows but turn the White Sox concern. President Trump is that discharge, and he is pleading guilty to, is something that is directly related to allegations of Russia connected to the Trump organization. All of that will fit into a I’m totally will get a response from the president pretty soon here to delete Argentina in a short amount of time in order to go to the G20 meeting he still at the White House. At the moment, however, I suspect we’ll be watching his tweets for a Catholic to see how he reacts to this, to Give You Up music at this to me, but I’m just saying that Kevin says he made the mistake to be consistent with Trump’s political messaging and Out of loyalty to Trump, now Donald Trump, very considerate, that the relationship between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen emphasized this court case is happening in New York. The hearing is taking place as I speak, I’m sitting and watching so there will be details that are breaking as we speak about this, so don’t be afraid to jump in. So I’m going to give me stuff that is hot man, I’m trying to keep a wart Pull-A-Part. What was no one on the concern for Donald Trump is always being the Michael Cohen. Had these intimate details about his business relationships, but his personal relationship Nation ship in tons of money being paid to the pornstar, Stormy Daniels., Of course, that’ll or concerns about what President Trump was saying and what he wasn’t saying and again no. We have Michael Cohen, going forward. I’M saying statement to a congressional committee essentially said that he had stopped working on stove talking about this real estate deal in Russia whenever the noise seems, according to Michael Cohen, the dots real estate deal was still doing all that they were still having conversations. As a result, Donald Trump will be sitting here, I’m watching this extremely close like, but it won’t just be Donald Trump. It will also be everybody else and Washington out. Of course, all of this is connected to Robert Miller’s. Invest station into allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election claims that the Trump campaign colluded with us and also claims of obstruction of justice, but all of which waiting to say lots of concern about. When this report is going to drop, Robert Miller’s report has been talked about for so many months. We don’t know when he’s going to come out with his full report, but we’re certainly saying from today’s activity in New York from this cold. Is it Robert Mueller’s investigation? Is certainly ongoing and he is certainly getting more information Chris. Thank you very much for that.
US President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to plead to lying to Congress in relation to Russia inquiry, US media report.

Mr Cohen will admit misleading lawmakers about a Trump real estate project in Russia, say reports.
He appeared unexpectedly at federal court in Manhattan on Thursday morning.

In August, Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to violating finance laws during the 2016 presidential election by handling hush money for Mr Trump’s alleged lovers.

Thursday’s development is the latest twist in the special counsel’s investigation into whether Mr Trump or his inner circle colluded with a Russian attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Mr Cohen – once a staunch Trump loyalist – was interviewed in October last year behind closed doors by congressional investigators.

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