‘Michael Cohen is on his own here,’ but ‘potentially has information’: Dan Abrams

this week we saw just tell Michael Collins knowledge of the presidents past could determine Trump’s future and how team Trump is planning to find back ABC News learning of new efforts to pressure corn include accusations that has violated attorney-client privilege Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is also attempting to discredit a recording of trump discussing payments to her former Playboy model telling ABC News his team I was hired multiple experts to review the tapes just a few months ago Giuliani publicly praise going on this program she doesn’t have any incriminating evidence about the present or himself the man is an honest honorable lawyer but now juliani is on the attack call now saying he did not know him very well it all comes after that bombshell report about a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between members of the Trump campaign and Russians who are expected to offer damaging and patient on Hillary Clinton Trump has repeatedly denied knowing anything about it listen to what he said last year claims Trump meeting in advance if you claim proves true if Donald Trump did in fact know about that meeting with the Russians does that mean an American presidential candidate accepting aid from a foreign adversary in an election and then attempting to cover it up if that’s the case it could potentially Define the Mueller investigation by helping a special counsel build the case for collusion with Russia as well as obstruction of justice here now to help explain what it all means and where things are headed ABC News Chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and former New Jersey governor and federal prosecutor Chris Christie and ABC News can and then I want to start with you Trump is officially sever the relationship with Cohen he was paying for Colin’s legal defense sharing information but no longer his lawyer Rudy Giuliani telling ABC we wouldn’t consider it in our best interest to share confidential information with them and they would feel the same way what is this on mean to you then phone is on his own here it’s also clear that he potentially has information to provide to Robert Mueller but let’s be clear he’s being investigated by the southern district of New York which is a separate entity investigating Michael Kohn he doesn’t have a deal right now with Robert Mueller we don’t know if he’s going to have a deal with Robert Mueller and as a result we don’t know exactly what he’s going to offer to Robert Mueller if he can provide what we are hearing which is this piece that Donald Trump knew about the meeting that does potentially become significant it’s not going to Define it by don’t think you got a lot of other potential Witnesses here got a lot of other people that they made deals with who are even potentially more important than Michael Cohn but if you’re Donald Trump and your Rudy Giuliani and you know that Michael Kohn is ready to make a deal has to make you very spittin Governor Christie Giuliani also fired what looks like a warning shot to Cohen saying that Cohen has violated the attorney-client privilege both publicly and privately and is engraved Jeopardy of being disbarred is he trying to well this oh I’m sure that’s part of the motivation for it but you know more let’s remember if you listen to your weed in there were 4 different if they’re so part of what I think Dan is saying and I agree with him is that we don’t even know this is none of this information which came from one news report has even been stated by Mr calling or anybody on his legal team so we don’t even know if the information that we’re being given buy that other Outlet is even accurate now if it isn’t and we’ve discussed this before collusion is not a crime and so the fact of the matter is that a long way away yet from having anything to talk about here call and still have to make a deal and that deal is probably not going to be with Bob Muller that deals going to be with the southern district in New York where the people who are investigating him for potential crimes in the ones who initiated the raid of his office motel room and home so damn is right we need to like every needs to take a step back here and there’s a certain level of Hysteria that goes along with this story on the way it’s reported and quite frankly I don’t think that what we know right now what we know marriage that is you read Martha the indictments of the Russians so far and I think that’s really important in connection with this and talk about what possible crimes could there be a possibility obstruction charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States which is a big over-reaching conspiracy charge that Mueller steam has already been using in connection with the Russians that’s a real legal Danger on the question of the attorney-client privilege that giuliani’s talking about I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to the tape that we apparently Giuliani has waived attorney-client privilege ocean that maybe Donald Trump knew about the meeting well apparently there were other people in the meeting if there were other people there there is no attorney-client privilege a private conversation not just with someone who broadly is your attorney but a private conversation with someone who has been retained for this matter so someone’s your tax attorney for example and you talked to him about something criminal it doesn’t necessarily mean the attorney-client privilege apply this report if these reports are true and CNN specifically reported that Cohen alleges that he was present along with several others if you were Robert Muller and you heard these reports what would you do about it will two things one I try to do the best I could to get to the bottom of where the reports came from but secondly I can tell you more as a US attorney I to deal with deciding whether use Co-operators all the time not in a particular matter the fact that Kohinoor someone on Collins behalf may be out there spewing out all this information into the public realm whether it’s the tape or now it’s this alleged report of a about him being out of meeting would make me very confident of prosecutor but I want this guy in his legal team as as a as a part of Team America to be a witness in a case that I was bringing this is incredibly irresponsible stuff to be out there it is not in my he does not have a deal yet that’s Dan noted and I think it would give me as a prosecutor a lot of concern and before I made any deal with ours the US attorney in the southern district or Robert Mueller there would be a long come-to-jesus meeting with my Cowan and with his attorneys about From This Moment forward if you have a deal keep your mouth shut because it doesn’t help the prosecution that all this information out there strategy 2 months ago as we heard really Rudy Giuliani was calling Michael Cohen and honest honorable lawyer and now he’s saying he’s been lying for years and president Trump is bringing up that Cohen said the Don Jr was an honest broker up just last year what are they trying to do here raided his office not to get information on Donald Trump good because there was evidence of a possible crime and crime by Michael Cohn so he is not the the ideal witness that you want which is why I say again anything he says is there going to want corroborated they’re going to want to be able to back it up with other Witnesses and other evidence okay thanks very much highways and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
ABC News Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams and ABC News Contributor and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discuss the recent Michael Cohen claims and what it means for Trump’s legal defense.

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