Michael Cohen talks to Mueller team about Russia

the story our team broke late today involving the president’s Wilmer fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen we have now learned the hours of interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team was asked about George Stephanopoulos 13 breaking the store today and you’re there senior Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tonight he’s the president’s former attorney and fixer at his side for 10 years in his business and his campaign one saying he would take a bullet for Donald Trump I’ll do anything to protect us to Trump but tonight sources tell ABC news colon is now cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller sitting down for hours of interviews over the past month the focus of the meetings we have taken place in New York and Washington all aspects of Trump’s dealings with Russia including business deal and also about allegations of collusion during the 2016 campaign given to his longtime working with comp and his family business some insiders believe he pretends represent a significant legal threat he’s already pleaded guilty to campaign-finance Crime for paying off women just before the election tell him to court he did it at the direction of Donald Trump when prosecutor started investigating Cohen subside sympathetic so I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys with man and it’s a disgraceful situation it’s a total Witch Hunt told ABC News is George Stephanopoulos his first loyalty is to his family and Country and when he turned on Trump team Trump turned on him I like crazy cuz he’s light always life tonight’s news about corn comes less than a week after the president’s former campaign chairman Palmetto Ford pleaded guilty saying he to would cooperate with Mueller sweetest life of Washington tonight in Pierre Robert Mueller’s investigators spending hours and several different days talking to Michael Cohen as you pointed out there about President Trump’s dealings with Russia but we’ve also learned that that’s not all about wanted to know if any of his associates raise the idea of a partner with Cohen also apparently looking for any evidence of obstruction of justice David Thomas in Washington PA or thing News YouTube channel you like to get more videoshow highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The former personal attorney of POTUS, Michael Cohen, has participated over the last month in multiple interview sessions lasting for hours with investigators.

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