Michael Jackson: what’s changed since his death? | USA TODAY

Michael Jackson: what’s changed since his death? | USA TODAY
Michael Jackson: what’s changed since his death? | USA TODAY
10 years after the death of Michael Jackson, he remains one of the most famous names in music, but many things surrounding the once widely revered King of Pop have changed in the last decade. Here are five Conrad Murray serve two years in prison for administering the drug overdose, tell Jackson he continues to try to clear his name and released a tell-all book about his life is Jackson’s. Doctor Jackson’s children are in the public eye once fiercely shielded from the media. After their fathers that the children were seen more regularly 10 years later, Jackson has a college graduate Paris. Jackson is a celebrity in her own right. As a model actress and activist father, Joe Jackson died in 2018. The controversial figure is credited as the driving force behind the success of his children, but was also revealed for accusations by his children that he was a physically and emotionally abusive, father HBO’s, leaving never at least fans and critics with conflicted feeling. The film features two men who save Jackson, sexually abused them as boys. The accusations are nothing. New Jackson was tried and acquitted on separate molestation charges before his death, but the film further does Legacy Jackson’s estate sued, HBO documentary Jackson’s influenced with musically and philanthropically. His sister Janet has also defended his legacy.
Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at his home in Los Angeles of a drug overdose administered by his doctor.
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It’s been 10 years since Jackson died and his legacy, reinvigorated in the wake of his demise, is once again being challenged as fans and critics alike grapple with conflicting feelings about the late superstar.

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