Michael Tubbs is on a mission – to save his hometown – BBC News

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Michael Tubbs is on a mission – to save his hometown – BBC News
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very violent day in Stockton five people are dead and one of Stockton’s deadliest days on record as the largest u.s. city to declare bankruptcy in a lot of love Charles when you’re bringing it’s probably the primary reason why I’m on the bathroom on today my name is Michael Tubbs I am 27 years old and I’m the mayor of Stockton California growing up in Stockton that lived in 4 out of 5 hot zone areas which are areas are historically and currently have our city smiling Prime issues I’ve always been incarcerated my entire life my mother had me as a teenager so growing up in poverty all the things I know to possibly work on a research or meet about us speak about the things I lived in Enfield talking about the same stuff she always talked about every Sunday and he wish you would hurry up cuz he has homework to do that years old I literally have no intention of coming back to stock and when I graduate high school in El Salvador hours in DC working in the White House maybe version latest one of my cousins was murdered in stock and that kind of shifted the whole Paradigm around to do the lady will explain them for the city we are having been around Heroes Park in about the church has been replacing the backboard that was vandalized a couple months great day in the city and stop is regular people who are driving a lot of change what is this mean for the community the amount of work and discipline sacrifice it takes to get into a position like this especially if you’re the 1st or the youngest even more so both by myself so much time in our individual human beings with lotion beer Purity does Oscar have taken would definitely be in trouble cuz one person one brain special between seven-year-old brain is not enough to think about all these issues it’s a place where you can make an impact really are man coming out of blessing people down here now really are man 29 proud of you on that man my grandma used to always tell me the scripture that don’t despise Small Beginnings I’m for the Lord rejoice and seen the work begin I’m person getting a lot of attention but I would be so happy sad if we can’t look back for years now and can’t point two things that are better but for me and my team being here
Michael Tubbs grew up in what was once described as the country’s most miserable city. Now he’s in charge.

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