Migrant Kids Allege Sex Assault, Retaliation By AZ Border Agents | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Migrant Kids Allege Sex Assault, Retaliation By AZ Border Agents | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Migrant Kids Allege Sex Assault, Retaliation By AZ Border Agents | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Okay, so we’ve heard the reports out of Texas and Florida allegations that my children were being mistreated at a Detention Center in Arizona NBC news of pain, dozens of documents, with dozens accounts of Border agents, allegedly mistreating, punishing even abusing kid at an overcrowded facility in Yuma Arizona one 15 year old girl alleges she was sexually assaulted. Jacob silver off broke the story for NBC alongside Julia Ainsley, and the two of them have been at the front of this immigration story from the start. So Jacob Jacob tell us what you found: Allen Texas. In the first time, we’re hearing about reports from inside of an Arizona border patrol station, many of the same issues we heard about in Texas, unsanitary conditions, extreme overcrowding, children forced to sleep outside like a toothbrush. I put bad food. Bad water aboard goes to the next level in these workout significant incident reports that we have obtained and they are completed by case managers at HHS border patrol custody, was really shocked. I want to talk quickly about some of the examples that stuck out to us in the doesn’t that we found you mentioned one to 15 year old girl from Honduras, who let her she was a sexually assaulted by a border patrol agent. In very specific, this young woman has her case manager that I’m bearded officer groped her or breast and her genitals. It was other people in this facility after it occurred other allegations of after complaints about food and water quality border patrol agents took out sleeping mask from the sales of young children. Are there in this Yuma station and many other incidents, including one other youngboy Warren soiled Underpants for 10 days, because he was too afraid to ask agents for a change of clothes because of the posture, the agents to look towards the young kids and, like I said It is a report we haven’t seen nearly the full volume of these things. Julie said last night’s, the tip of the iceberg, so many more questions than answers about what’s going on here, brakes me that money and resources mean nothing if a culture exist were agent. Some of them treat kids this way with impunity. So what is the border patrol thing about these allegations? Now? Does not forget sexual assault allegations of sexual assault by border patrol agent from the statement that they gave that they said US Customs and Border Protection, treats those in our custody with dignity and respect and provides multiple Avenues to report. Any allegations of misconduct allegations don’t aligned with common practice at our facilities will be fully investigated. It’S important to note that the allegation of sexual assault is already under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security’s office of Inspector General. Why haven’t we heard anything about it until now? Dhs CBP did not acknowledge whether or not that that bearded agent, as is described in the report when the investigation was opened? How long did it take to open an investigation like this? Why, specifically did they say they only open an investigation into allegations of allegations in front of CVP over the course of the last? They are so not getting to the bottom of. What’S truly going on here, a systemic cultural issue, as you so rightly point out just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos,
Watch NBC’s Jacob Soboroff join Geoff Bennett with a NBC Exclusive: Government documents show dozens of accounts of agents in a single border facility mistreating or punishing children – including one accusation of sexual assault.
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Migrant Kids Allege Sex Assault, Retaliation By AZ Border Agents | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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