Mike Pence Swears Loyalty To President Trump, Confident Staff Didn’t Write Op-Ed | Hardball | MSNBC

vice president Mike Pence’s again playing the role of President Trump’s Chief defender in translator even trying to make sense of what often seems nonsensical the president is saying like politics members of Congress even if they have committed acts of corruption before the election no I don’t think that’s what the present was saying at all Chris and he can present was referring to the long-standing tradition in the Justice Department to avoid unnecessarily impact election outcome president Donald Trump is the most accomplished president of my lifetime and I think already one of the most successful presidents in American history named opinion piece in the New York Times vice president Pence pledge Fidelity to the present and vowed to prove he’s not the author that article let’s take a listen to that do you think you know who Anonymous says but I do know that they should resign and leave this Administration should take a lie detector test and would you agree to take one in a heartbeat and would submit to two any review the administration Mike Pence with his this could become America’s most repulsive public figure out of the device prices become the voice of today’s lickspittle Republican party thank you for joining us did he is very much in the model that the Robert Caro place to Lyndon Johnson and the only way to the presidency was through the vice presidents and he will do what it takes Linda Johnson did not realize however that the Kennedy people were going to I’m so badly I think that was an unpleasant experience mr. Trump got the his man and his he was signing up for in the history of red lumps Romeo and Juliet abelard and Heloise stop the differences that it’s not reciprocated because there’s no love coming back toward mr. fence because mr. Trump is monogamous e supernumerary in The DaVinci Code Minnesota Pius way looking at 45 degrees of the back of Trumps neck all the time you see pictures of them is that supposed to impress not in that picture is that supposed to impress the Trump bites apparently difficult it’s like eating corn on the cob it’s hard to do it with dignity that said Mondale did Al Gore did Cheney did they all have good relations with their president but you don’t have that kind of relationship with this president said that a man had it does so of the vice president who said that about his biggest cheerleader don’t you think let’s watch thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump welcome to the beginning of the end of Obamacare thank you for your boundless faith in the American people drop has been making history since the first day of this Administration Woody on the world stage you sign more bills are rolling back Federal red tape and any president in American history use for it and optimism in this country that setting records too I’m deeply humbled as your vice president to be able to be here at 6 5 to serve as vice president to president Trump he’s a man of his word he’s a man of action I can’t think of the culture of these two general what is totally secular in his life and his lifestyle is not pious religious in any form the other one seems very Pious very evengelical I would think Morrow and it by his terms what are they got in common these two guys nothing mr. fence might and some people say it doesn’t believe that a he’s in constant communication with God and that God wants him to be president of there for anything mr. pencil does it advances his presidential Prospect pleases God if you have line of reasoning then you can see why nothing he does is really degrading it’s God’s will nexonia speed maybe has something we don’t know if he knows something we don’t know George I’m kidding but he must have reasonably that he’s been selected here race in Indiana last year in 2016 that he might have lost thank you for this cab is the future of Mike Pence up thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list as he lots of other great videos
Amid the fallout from the unnamed opinion piece in the New York Times, Mike Pence pledged fidelity to the president and vowed to prove he is not the author.
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Mike Pence Swears Loyalty To President Trump, Confident Staff Didn’t Write Op-Ed | Hardball | MSNBC

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