Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC

Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC
Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC
This week in Jason’s with us, because he wrote one of those Stephen Miller profiles, I mentioned the top of the show begin this morning with the Trump administration’s effort to limit the number of immigrants coming to the u.s.. California’S attorney general has filed a lawsuit, deny green cards to Legal immigrants would be likely to depend on public assistance like food stamps or public housing. Ken cuccinelli is the acting director of citizenship and Immigration Services. We certainly expect people of income to be able to stand on their own two feet, and so, if people are not able to be self-sufficient, then than this negative factor is going to be very heavily against them. In a decision about whether they’ll be able to become a legal permanent resident this weekend, Bloomberg News is reporting that for months Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to President Trump has been spearheading an effort to allow states to block undocumented children from enrolling in public schools. But he can’t seem to find a way around a 1982 Supreme Court ruling guarantees access to an education Steven Miller has influence on virtually every element of immigration policy from the words the president uses to the regulations he promulgates Chase deposit rights in that piece for the New York Times that he has guided a series of policy changes, breaks like into building an invisible wall. I’Ll just help us understand the context to your Vault that Steven Miller has been able to accomplish without regular screen without the public eye. I’M out of view. The Trump Administration, in with Stephen Miller’s guidance, has been promulgating. Dozen scores of rules and regulations that make it harder in many cases, for legal immigrants enter the country. It’S about. Steven Miller is abrasive statements, but Stephen Miller is the product of a larger movement. That’S been operating for several decades and has been abetted by some large changes in contacts ranging from 9/11 to Outsourcing, which is reduce the support among business interest for immigration in United States to demographics. Immigration across the South. The heart of the GOP Miller is often the face of the movement, but it’s a much broader phenomenon. He has been pushing for restriction. Isn’T Christina Greer with you, you look at the Republican party. There was sympathy for immigrants. What’S 4 * thought that you could get him a prince may be to vote Republican. They can be brought into the full. That certainly was the case under President Reagan, President Bush toward a prescription ism, if nativists undercurrent in the party which has tapped into the historically anti-black white supremacist roots of this nation, and so as a Republican party moves in that direction as Lyndon Baines. If you can convince the poorest white man that he’s better than the Negro now you can insert Mexican or immigrant, you can pick his pocket all day all day long until I think Republicans have realized as long as they set up the scenario that it is. You do not have not because tax policies, not because of our trade policies, for the job that you need or the healthcare that you should have or the education that should be promise to you. Our policy says Republican. It’S because of these immigrants working in poultry factories or these black Americans who are working in factories someplace, not even in your own state, that is part of economics, of a trump voter in the economics of the Republican party in this economic anxiety. But we’re constantly ignoring the racial animus, that is the foundation of much of the policy. That’S been promulgated for the last 30 to 50 enumerate. How much influence Steven Miller has influence on virtually every element of immigration policy, from the words the president uses to the regulations. He promulgate salary that quotation at once again. Do your alma mater to Duke at the Washington DC, where he works. Michelle Bach, when he works with Jeff sessions, understand how he came into the Trump fold. This relationship came about the United States. He worked for Jeff sessions. Professions with one of the most opponents of immigration and Donald Trump Miller, told his friends. He wished Trump would run for president and as soon as he did Miller, started working behind the scenes on the campaign and then formally joined it during these last many months about the Trump organization and its use of immigrant labor, she said that he was, he was Bringing to the president, I think, he’s very easily swayed because he doesn’t hold any policy very close to the vest or close to his heart he’s not in any of this for policy he’s in it cuz he can be inflammatory or he can rise sentiment around these Issues he can. Can you tell me these things, but he’s never been. You know a student of the finer points of any policy, including immigration and, as you know, he’s hypocritical about it. He runs businesses like golf courses and hotels that are very dependent on migrant labor and his businesses wooden 5. Without that two of his three wives were immigrants. His his in-laws are the benefits of chain migration, which Stephen Miller has railed against to have all these things. In his own background, make him a a fervent anti-immigration, but he is a firmament. Polemic proven polemicist about immigration, and then you spot Stephen Miller in there and Stephen Miller animates the president’s policy around this and I think Steve is driving the car when it comes to this, not not Trump. How to drive the car at the role that he had here he’s espousing these views, but he’s also, I don’t believe, he’s a lawyer trying to craft. A lot of these policy proposal didn’t work the first few times around, but it was something that he pioneered in and try to work on. This understand that the fact that the moment that he is become a survivor in the Trump Administration you know in another Administration. He would be one of half-a-dozen a dozen AIDS and he would be trying to push his agenda against other folks, as Tim was mentioning the president heartfelt beliefs on this issue, although he understands it as core to his political identity and what got him elected but everytime. A sort of gets into an escalated kind of mode, even Miller, seems nervous at the president might stray from agenda and what he’s managed to do with engineer a situation where he can surround the president with people that are of the Restriction is mindset at the moment. So when we saw all of a sudden, the president reverse is himself almost within the course of 24 hours, so Miller has proven to be a very skilled, bureaucratic player. I think he picked some of that up from his time in the Senate, but also some of it is understand. It’S not a not a typical Capitol Hill player, and I think Capital players tend to be consensus-builder tend to be trying to cut a deal, especially at the staff level, but he is someone who’s managed to use social media use some of the more Fringe figures to Influence the system in a way that makes sure that his agenda goes forward and perhaps more importantly, the agenda of others who oppose in his frustration Ezra putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos
Jason DeParle writes in his piece for The New York Times that Steven Miller has “guided a series of policy changes that critics liken to building an ‘invisible wall.’ He discusses with MSNBC’s David Gura.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC

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