Missing Iowa student possibly sighted in Missouri

maybe a new clue in that case of the missing college student from Iowa police are investigating a report of a possible sighting of Molly Tibbetts just a week ago at a truck stop outside Kansas City Alex Perez has the latest for hey good morning Robin this is the first time since she vanished if someone has reported seeing Molly her family hoping it gets investigators one step closer to cracking this case this morning at police confirm they are investigating a reported possible side Molly Tibbetts at a truck stop in Kearney Missouri 230 miles away from where she was last seen John getting in Brooklyn Iowa over 2 weeks ago the siding was reported on July 26th 8 days after her disappearance any surveillance video to confirm the report we are not giving up on any possible leads and hope that we can find Molly Tibbetts umm meanwhile Tibbetts boyfriend Dalton Jack who she was living with for the summer speaking out to Fox news about the investigation now has over 200 leads don’t want to go racket through my room thinking of what happened what happened what happened just driving myself insane cuz I know everybody else around here is in the summer living with Jack who is not considered a suspect telling Fox News the couple didn’t normally lock their doors but he does Lockett now every night he was working at construction job over a hundred miles away when she disappeared we’re planning to leave for the Dominican Republic today for his brother’s wedding last week her mother telling ABC news that wedding meant the world to Tibbetts Blake and Ally on a plane and you know go enjoy yourselves in the Dominican I can’t stand that these people are having a wedding and she supposed to be the maid of honor Tibbetts his high school sweetheart at the ceremony which has now been postponed the investigation is ongoing with authorities focusing on her Fitbit which could help pinpoint the college freshman last movements we are hopeful that she is still alive in so we will continue to think that way until told otherwise leading to an arrest Amy I’ll helping that they get some answers their Alex thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking up ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here doesn’t I drive Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Police are investigating a possible sighting of Mollie Tibbetts at a truck stop more than 230 miles away from where she was last seen.

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