Missing person: ‘My sister just vanished 30 years ago’ – BBC News

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Missing person: ‘My sister just vanished 30 years ago’ – BBC News
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several thousand people every day go missing in the United States in a heartbeat a person can just be there and then gone Rachelle was a beautiful young woman was a paralegal we really don’t know what happened to her she was at the social event with her friends and she’s been missing ever since I have let’s just pick the ones this photo was taken by my mother on the Coastal Highway of California truly miss her everyday pray for her everyday shocking part about a lot of these cases how very circumstances and situations can result in and in somebody’s is completely Vanishing there’s just one case the other after the other where somebody was functioning normally their life and then in a second they’re gone with no trace of of where they’ve what happened to him it’s torture really it’s torture somebody is out in the middle of the wilderness and they succumb to the environment and then they pass away in some cases people go missing because of Foul Play some people go missing because it may have been an accidental type thing some people go missing because they want to go Ricky was tall he was 6 to 2:40 but still 14 when you lose someone you love and you don’t know where they’re at it takes all the joy out of the good things that you want in your life there’s been times that I thought you could be a knock at the door noises that you hear you’re constantly wishing and praying that’s him start every night I pray to God that she be found soon and that he’s healthy I’m more aware how many kids go missing every single day how could we miss that many people in and not find them particularly my mother held up such great hope that find her before her life ended up unfortunately that wasn’t so I am here to carry on that Quest that’s fine that’s a burden I will carry
Rochelle Ihm disappeared in 1986 after a social gathering and hasn’t been seen since.
She is one of at least 90,000 missing persons in the US. In Arizona, the numbers are especially stark.
Video by Angélica M Casas

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