Mission: Impossible – Fallout review – Tom Cruise risks it all in action-packed sequel

your mission should you choose to accept it I wonder did you ever choose nothing question for Ethan Hunt he’s back Tom Cruise were prizes his role in the sixth installment of the mission impossible franchise and CBC News begins with cruise as Ethan Hunt he is hiding have a man on the Run haunted by the forces of chaos he’s Unleashed on the world now course there has to be something he has to get back in this case some stolen plutonium get the gang together but that first mission doesn’t go so well so they’re he’s in trouble with washing they don’t like how that played out and so Angela Bassett as the head of the CIA they are going to give hunt a babysitter take a look if he had held on to the plutonium in Berlin we wouldn’t be having this conversation and that’s why I want one of my own men to appraise the situation agent Walker special activities whose reputation precedes I never really bought him as Clark Kent because he seemed a little too I don’t know ornery for my taste but as this mean man the perfect boil with that mustache for cruise he is an excellent opponent the new Facebook what the director here is doing cuz this is number 6 his pulling different Strand and from other movies so also back in the action is ilsa Faust from mi mi V actually a state you need to walk away how many times has they start to get a sense the mood here a little darker a little more somber be at the idea of who can you trust me originally this was about people running around with rubber masks and pretending to be other people now you don’t really know who is hunt who was he trying to is that sense of kind of paranoia and The Masks are falling away and even in the look of this film it has this really kind of Darker Rich tones like a hipsters hunting log Amber and dark a score is inception Meets Mission Impossible so this theme of kind of threatening malevolence I mean the various levels of conspiracy and secret agents and Rogue Agents Of The Syndicate hot in this Parisian Night Club of Washington they just annihilate the place in the streets of Paris to see the bike Chase where it’s like French Connection meets Fast and Furious let’s take a look at that and you’ll notice as he goes into traffic circling that is cruise on the bike not wearing a helmet and so this is the biggest gimmick in this movie fields of gimmicks is the movie star who is to risk it all to get the shot to a stand you and it is a standing all though it does come with a price you might have heard he actually broke his ankle doing one of the stunt jumping from one building to another and you actually see in movie he crawls up on the ledge when he limps away but he finished the shop I think it’s because he still wants to prove to us that he is the guy he is that guy who is willing to do it all risk it all to be the best and so he’d this dropped from a helicopter he learned how to fly helicopters for this movie and you got like the footage of all this area I think these are of sadness it’s that burden of reaching to be the best transcending the needs of mortal men there’s no pleasure there’s no warm it’s just Tom Cruise running now we know nobody runs like Tom Cruz I don’t know what he’s running from but he keeps running
Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt in the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. CBC film critic Eli Glasner explains how Cruise’s commitment to doing many of the film’s stunts makes the movie a winner.

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