‘Mixed bag’: Dave Phillips with the cross-Canada forecast

‘Mixed bag’: Dave Phillips with the cross-Canada forecast
People in Eastern Canada are in for some slushy sloppy and slippery conditions as a mixed bag of winter weather, hampering Southern Ontario moose towards the maritimes a little bit of everything as the worst through the province, while freezing rain is causing problems for some regions. Other parts of Canada are dealing with some of the coldest weather of the year. Extreme cold warnings are in place for most of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as parts of Manitoba don’t mean out of talk about. The extreme weather is Jay Phillips, he’s a senior climatologist with Environment, Canada High there Dave how cold is it in Alberta, Northern British Columbia staff one not even matter.. For example, yesterday Saskatoon had a temperature of -42.5 RC, that’s not with the embellish windshield. That’S the air temperature, that’s the coldest it’s been in that City in 15 years and and we saw records in Edmonton -41. These are temperatures that are 25 degrees colder than the normal, the normal low for for these particular City. It’S a cold has said in its been going now for for maybe three weeks and the people are just saying enough’s enough and it just no snow and inside when the cold air sets in Marcia. It’S just it’s hard to kick it out, and so what they’re going to have to endure this for certain until the end of February, o, my goodness, that is crazy, cold, okay, so, on the other side of the country, Atlantic Canada is expecting a big storm. Is that the same storm that affected all of Southern Ontario yesterday it is Marcia, that’s right, I mean Ontario. Yesterday we had up to 20 hours of either lights, no freezing, drizzle or freezing rain, and that system is just been slowly moving Eastward and we’ll see before the night’s out some up Rats of light snow in New Brunswick, some ice pallets, maybe some freezing rain and Then, tomorrow that will transition into rain as the temperature get up to 2/8 degrees in Ontario Quebec Saturday, we could see clearly balmy temperatures. We could see a thunderstorm, I mean this is really been truly a mixed bag, almost as if we’ve had four seasons in two days and she actually just last week, and I think we can pop up the numbers and show everybody at home. The extreme fluctuations that we have seen on the 31st of January, the low was -21. Then you skip ahead to February 4th the high that day plus 12. Is this trend going to continue after the couple weeks to save what you see is what you’re going to get this back and forth up and down kind of weather from the south and weather from the north? It really does it’s probably in in a dramatic switch. Are are in the west and they’re saying well would rather do with the cold than the freezing rain. So I think there’s a lot of mystery across the country, picking their poison get the phone like a Philips he’s a senior climatologist with Environment. Canada Dave great to have you with us.
Whether you’re shivering through record-breaking cold on the Prairies or watching the temperature move around like a yo-yo in southern Ontario, you may be relieved to learn that winter is more than halfway over.

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