Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe’s post-electoral turmoil was a ‘regime change attempt’

Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe’s post-electoral turmoil was a ‘regime change attempt’
Hello and welcome to the France 24 interview yesterday is the president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson mnangagwa. Mr. president, thank you very much for being with us here. The African Union Summit is taking place. Mr. president, inter-country we’ve seen a wave of protests a couple of weeks ago and a Crackdown serious crimes. What is your response to those very grave accusation, and how is the situation now in your country very violent demonstrations from the time they began list of people Depot town to go tomorrow for tomorrow seconds? If arrested? This is the place where to go. Would you go more into details about that time? I still want to go to the Crackdown, especially by the military we seen accounts saying they were raped. We’Ve seen that they were 17 extrajudicial killings. This is your face with regards to direct report to the nearest police station. If you go to the church and the abuse, wouldn’t anyone single case cesium but dude wants to see evidence. I lost your son and lost individual serving for suit MP3 Juice, Supercuts number against military personnel as well as have been there been sanctions against them ReDiscover Suicide Silence. The opposition MDC Alliance is the election. You consider this as a coup attempt in a way something that you had told people the main opposition little foreign powers. We are fully aware of France country. Where were they coming from those funds in those people? Can I Venture and try to find if it’s the UK and the US, for instance, am I wrong in saying this to explain where those people in those funds were coming from? If I follow up with a British Minister said in recent days rejoining the Commonwealth? That’S number one and two written wishes to extend your reactions. I mean: are you annoyed? Are you afraid that they will be more sanctions from the EU or are you hold shoes distinctions Ascension Sprite? Are you asking your African tears here in Addis Ababa to push towards lifting the sanctions people attack on the campaign events and that you had hinted, that’s great addition be prosecuted for anything Rite Aid. Thank you for watching the on the sidelines of the African Union Summit.
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Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa spoke in an exclusive interview with France 24, discussing the recent turmoil in his country as well as the claims of human rights violations. He also demanded respect for ousted head of state Robert Mugabe, even though “no one is above the law”.

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