Mnuchin: Trump’s tariff delay was a ‘good will gesture’

Mnuchin: Trump’s tariff delay was a ‘good will gesture’
Mnuchin: Trump’s tariff delay was a ‘good will gesture’
Let’S go to Steven mnuchin right now at the treasury secretary is speaking, and that is not something we’re contemplating. At the moment no sea change. I’Ve been perfectly clear secretary Pompeo and I have been executing the president’s maximum pressure campaign. President Trump has said he would sit down with ruha conditions. That’S not plant. That’S not president said that he delayed the next round of tariffs. Don’T think there was anything specific October 1st had a big significance to them, which was their 70th anniversary divide. Premier asked us to delay it and the president agreed to that. I would hope that China reciprocates, but this wasn’t done this – was done as a Goodwill gesture to to the Chinese play tonight. Will you be watching and what are you watching for it? I’M sure I’ll see the news Clips afterwards. I would say it is perfectly clear that there are two different approaches to the economy. I think clear with our approach has been, and it’s worked, whether it’s our tax cuts, regulatory relief or trade us why the US economy is outperforming everything else in the world and I think of you, listen to the Elizabeth Warren plan. You know it is 100 / recession, if not worse. On China, Huawei do eucalyptus, put the trade team to be penetration. Believe Huawei is a national security issue or a Brady issue or both, and secondly, we talked about the possibility of a 50 year bond in a prior interview. You were talking about the possibility of a 50 and a hundred. Can you spell out what is under consideration right now and for what I think if we talked about Huawei again, there are National Security issues associated with Huawei and those are not things that we are discussing. I think you know the Department of Commerce is looking at waivers for certain issues that are not National Security Huawei there aren’t. There are two sides to that in a regards to ultra-long bonds are Focus right now is on 50 year bonds. That’S something that we’re actively considering for next year and will consider 100 Year bonds at an appropriate time, call that a delay in nnnnn any negotiation. There’S no question. The only reason why China is seriously negotiating with us is because of the tariffs – and this President is dealing with issues that should have been dealt the last 20 or 30 years. So it’s what brought them to the table, no different than sanctions work, and the present, of course, is negotiator. So this is this delay was a Goodwill gesture, nothing more than that. Your next week or the following week, they’re coming here, we expect to be active, worked on the Ambassador and I have a date in the beginning of October. I think you know with some of the logistics issues personally. Ambassador is very focused on getting usmca done now that Congress back in session. So that’s the number one priority we have unga coming up. The Ambassador is working on the Japanese DL. So it’s really just Logistics issues. My expectation is still be here in October. Unless something changes France today said that Libre should not be developed in Europe. Your response to what I’m sorry, what shouldn’t be developed passions with the Consortium that before we approve this in the United States and the US dollar, which is around the world, we would make sure there are very serious conditions put in to make sure that is not Used for terrorist financing, it’s not for money laundering; they have not met those conditions they have in there and have a plan to meet those conditions. So I think it’s a long way away of heifer. Thank you. Everybody
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on a potential seat change in wake of John Bolton’s resignation, China trade, Huawei, the bond market and the upcoming 2020 Democratic presidential debate.

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