‘Mobile phones have killed photography’ – BBC News

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‘Mobile phones have killed photography’ – BBC News
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I do believe that everybody is at the top of her well taking billions of pictures so photography is more lies than ever and at the same time it’s more dead than ever the trouble with iPhone look at them I know from experience sign of creativity that you can turn a picture into his office and I take selfies myself not an active account BB was invented to be some sort of more truthful testimony of a Walton painting is not real to the notion of truth anymore people look at photographs and think something is done to them I’m in search of a new word for this new activity that looks so much like photography but please let me know if you have the word for it
Renowned film director and photographer Wim Wenders has hit out at phone ‘photography’.
Talking at an exhibition of his Polaroid works, he said photography was dead and thinks mobile phones are to blame.
Video produced by Trystan Young
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