Modi’s India: Is Modi failing the jobless? – BBC News

Modi’s India: Is Modi failing the jobless? – BBC News
This is India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. He won power in 2014 on a promise of growth and jobs, and jobs are a big deal in India right now in the best country of well over a billion people every year and estimated 6 to 8 million young people come onto the job market competing for Only a few million jobs so how’s mr. Modi delivered on jobs. Well, let’s go back and see what he promised in a campaign speech ahead of the last election. It was widely reported that he made and ambitious pledge, that has, God would create 10 million jobs a year during his time in office. This claim was repeated not just in the Indian media but around the world. The only issue is that promised mr. modi’s words for Miss quoted by a single news agency, and the words were repeated by the others, but mr. Modi Promise Jobs and India needs Millions, more of them for it’s rapidly, expand Workforce, national elections approach, jobs and how to Measure employment is fast becoming a huge issue. Leader of the opposition congress party in India recently made his own remarkable claim and I’ll give it to you. In numbers, 30,000 youngsters come into the job market every single day, 450 of them. Current methods of measuring job-creation don’t reflect the true picture. The government is now looking at new ways of collecting data. So what’s really going on. This is how many people in India want to work. You can see it’s growing every year, but there’s no reliable data. We could find to show how many jobs have been created overall in the Indian economy. Why mode he’s been in power? The problem is ringing. The data out we’ve had no employment unemployment data Newhouse hotel rates in 2011-12, which is what the nsso used to conduct English economy is also separated into the formal and informal sector. The informal sector is a part of the economy. That’S hard to capture in the official statistics it’s much larger than the formal sector, but no one knows it Berkeley how many people walking it. Estimates suggest it’s over 80 % of the economy, so it’s difficult to say how many jobs have been created during the smoothies. Of office. One thing is certain., But no one can prove for sure that his government hasn’t created more jobs than the previous government. Definitely can say he has, and the election next year come down to whether or not indians feel that he has delivered
One of the greatest challenges facing India is the creation of new jobs for its rapidly expanding workforce.

The current government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has pledged to achieve this in a country that will in the next few years surpass China as the world’s most populous.

It’s led to a heated debate within India about what exactly Mr Modi has promised and how you accurately measure employment in an economy with a vast informal labour force.

As elections approach in India, our Reality Check team will be following the campaigns, addressing claims and unpicking the facts around contentious policy issues.

Video by Nadeem Shad

Animations by Jacqueline Galvin

Additional research by Vineet Khare and Kumar Malhotra

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