Mom details fight to get her daughter out of NXIVM | ABC News

Mom details fight to get her daughter out of NXIVM | ABC News
Mom details fight to get her daughter out of NXIVM | ABC News
Battle one mother’s fight to save her daughter from nxivm Catherine Oxenberg is here to talk about your daughter from the cultist leader, Keith raniere sentencing for sex trafficking and other crimes forces go back to Paula Faris for more on this disturbing group, Veterinary, Lord Hollywood actresses. Even heiresses into his inner circle branded them with his initials and allegedly turn them into his sex slave and now his story and the story of his group Nexium are headed to television 3 Myriad, his group called nxivm, which some former members have called a Colt, is The subject of an explosive new movie on Lifetime, he is a con man and a predator alleging. He took advantage of women blackmailing them with nude photos and threatening to expose their deepest darkest Secrets if they didn’t act as his sex slaves. Some were even branded. These initials interesting person, I’m a controversial person but, most importantly, I’m an unconventional person, an ordered by the court to pay over $ 1000000 to the investigative firm that was used to fend off civil lawsuits by the state. India Oxenberg was one of his followers. Her mother Dynasty actress, Catherine Oxenberg Rhoda detailing her efforts to save her daughter and now that book has been turned into a movie. It’Ll be airing on Lifetime, called escaping the Nexium cult, a mother’s fight to save her daughter, anybody Very Mexican transformation. The movie revealing Oxenberg depression of The Man Behind the secretive organization and how he lured her daughter. What, if I were to tell you that I think that of you too, that your chosen one as well Saturday night was a quick turnaround for Lifetime. They just started filming in June separately. Ranieri sentencing has been delayed until next year. She is facing life in prison for coming in. The movie is based on the book you wrote about your daughter is so raw and so personal. What I I can only imagine how hard it must have been. As you were doing, the movie, it was hands off for the movie. Reading the book. My focus was saving my daughter decided to make a decision cuz. She wants to move forward with her life. She doesn’t want the stigma of being Nexium, but the decision was it’s more important to expose these sexual predators and their predatory tactics because they lose power. There he’s their playbook is very, very slim with her is Weinstein or Epstein or or this man Keith raniere phone order to protect other young women. I thought this was more important to to tell the story story pretty close tonight. I could confess you just a minute ago before we went to me, I don’t understand how this works and you actually took a couple to classes early and the way he said it up was he had this supposed leadership self-help program and he funneled people through and It looked legitimate and was offering legitimate kind of tools for you know. I really enjoyed it and I thought there was some benefit in the beginning, but truthfully it’s it’s a bait-and-switch and it was a recruitment funnel for sexual partners for him. But you didn’t know that working in it could have been in a landmark or any of these soon. As large group trainings, it’s been a year since she’s been out, there’s been a lot of healing and she’s in a in a very empowered place and really really proud of her. It was terrifying ordeal I can only imagine and Ranieri says, he’s been put off. At least a year, do you want to be there for that day, it’s important to spend the rest of his life he’s a danger to society. If you could confront him today face to face what would you say what would I say to him that his reign of terror is over? Thank you. Thank you. Maybe the next time call to Mother’s fight to save her daughter, premieres this Saturday on Lifetime.
Catherine Oxenberg discusses how she got her daughter out of NXIVM, whose leader, Keith Raniere, is awaiting sentencing for sex trafficking and other crimes.

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