Mommy shaming: Mothers say they are being shamed for their parenting decisions

Beyonce attacked for having a glass of wine while she may have been breastfeeding after what some thought was her daughter’s unruly hair which even ignited a comb her hair petition and Mariah Carey who share this moment with her twins in an in Graham post wasn’t criticized by those who thought her son was too old for a pacifier model Chrissy Teigen has been called out for holding her baby daughter without appearing to support her head and we’re going out to dinner shortly after giving birth to her daughter Luna in 2006 celebrity moms are regularly slam for their choices but it doesn’t end there parenting in the age of social media can also make anyone feel like a Target mommy shaming all-too-real more examples of parents 87% of mom say they feel judge for how they parent and raise their kids Mother’s all over are being shamed for their parenting decisions mom shaming has become as much a part of parenting as a side parade late-night feedings call it’s just something that you grow to expect these days if your parent you’re going to be mom shamed Erica Suter is a contributing editor of the parenting blog mom. Me social media has provided for every single person in the world what should be heard and it can’t be heard instantly and then we seen it time and time again with Mom’s all across the country where they’re celebrities or everyday mouth sometimes goes offline to real life locations for Julie caylor the questioning came in 2016 when she left her three daughters in their minivan with inside while she grab some coffee I saw the police officer walk up to the car and start questioning my children and I thought nothing until my kids started to cry and at that point I walked out of the Starbucks and I ask the officer what he was doing and he turned on me and asked me where I was little did the officer know Illinois senior public defender new she hadn’t done anything illegal he accused me of abandoning my children and I just laughed at him he had picked on the wrong mother because I actually know my rights I know but I did not abandon my children so I laughed at him and I told him yeah good luck getting those charges approved because I happen to know what the law is and I did not willfully leave my child in a position of danger Desi officer filed a complaint against her and she received a visit from Child Welfare Services who then interviewed her children and had a doctor examine them to make sure they hadn’t been abused it was a humiliating and degrading process for me to have to go through all because I the authority of some police officer who accused me of abandoning my children visit from Child Services is a horrible thing for a parent and that doesn’t necessarily mean you get charged criminally Illinois Taylor lives is 1 of 19 states with a law making it illegal to leave children in a car in that state specifically someone at least 14 years old must accompany the children or like Kaylor keep them in their site and fewer states only 3 regulate the age at which children can be left alone unsupervised Maryland where Rafi and Devora Matthews live he’s one of them they’re leaving anyone under age eight unsupervised is illegal Rock and Devore we’re walking home from the park in 2015 when the Montgomery County Police gave the kids then 6 and 10 a Stern warning who threatened to take their kids away bourbon family found themselves smack-dab in the middle of a national debate about parenting even if they were doing things they simply considered normal running playing crossing the street mistakes away from the parental safety net it’s an approach known these days as free-range parenting to the mat to use it isn’t a new fad it’s an age-old tradition I’m just parenting the way that I was parent and every adult I know but these days plenty of people wouldn’t dream of letting their kids go out of their sight alone for letting someone else get away with it we were trying to understand what is the reasoning that leads people to perceive so much danger where they’re actually isn’t statistically speaking Bruce czarnik of user researcher at the University of california-irvine who studied how people reacted to parents leaving their children unattended and found some inconsistencies we tend to kind of change our beliefs about reality to match our moral intuition so if we think that something is immoral then we start believing that it’s dangerous because we have a lot of trouble if those two things conflict so what has changed seems to be social norms moral judgments the idea that children should never be left alone and that a parent who leaves a child is negligent or abusive meanwhile earlier this year Utah became the first state to legalize free-range parenting giving parents the freedom to allow children to engage in independent activities like walking to school playing outside or staying at home everybody has their own philosophy everybody has the book they read the whatever they seen and thinks they’re right Nightline talked to the extreme instead of like or see if the mom is there or if it’s the kids in the backyard go knock on the neighbor’s door if you’re really concerned Francesca is a mother-of-three from New York judge at the constant basis and then when we’re in charge of another human being it just puts that much more pressure from Montana says she’s even guilty of judging other parents and I catch myself I’m definitely done that cuz we got rid of his young and they all said they judge themselves most of all that’s the way it is I think moms are the biggest critics of themselves to consider the fact that being a parent is hard and we don’t do it perfectly no one does it perfectly and if you see him struggling or you see a mom who do you think it’s making a bad choice there is a better way of handling it then no harshly criticizing them or calling them names or being cruel I pressed against her and she says there’s a simple old-fashioned solution if you’re worried that there are kids in a car that have been left there too long how about just talking to them when does society stop talking to each we are all 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From the way they hold their children to leaving them unattended, moms say they are being shamed for choices they make as parents.

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