Monarch Butterflies, Internet Anniversary, And Snowball Ban | NBC News For Universal Kids

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Monarch Butterflies, Internet Anniversary, And Snowball Ban | NBC News For Universal Kids
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Monarch Butterflies, Internet Anniversary, And Snowball Ban | NBC News For Universal Kids
This is NBC news for Universal kids, I’m Savannah Sellers and here’s your week in review monarch butterflies. What is beautiful, orange yellow and black insects travel 3000 miles from the Northeastern United States and Canada to Sunny Mexico on their Journey. Female monarch, butterflies lay eggs along the way they can lay a hundred and fifty two 250 eggs at once. So they need to find a safe space for the little caterpillars to hatch, and that’s where people like Ellen come in Allen has been taking care of the monarchs on New York’s Fire Island habitat for 10 years. She makes sure there is an milkweed for the butterflies to eat and lay their eggs on. She also keeps track of how many there are. She gently wrangles the Monarch to Wrangle, is to go like this and gives each butterfly a number and the name they can fly up to a hundred miles a day and they weigh less than a penny and a paperclip gone down in the last 20 years. So Islands work is helping more monarch, butterflies, survive and she’s voted to teaching kids in the area, how to take care of these beautiful butterflies and some more caterpillars last year than ever. So it’s a good sign that the sky over Long Island May soon be filled with monarch butterflies. Changing laws. Nine-Year-Old dingbats from Severance Colorado was on a class trip to town hall to learn about government when he heard that snowball fights there were against the law and when it comes to snowballs, he was like a lot of kids. I’M broke, though a lot of the law was written almost a hundred years ago and basically said that people can’t throw things at each other, but let’s winter, without a snowball fight. So they ain’t took action to change the law, my mom, if she could do it and then she told me I had to do it soon. As friends wrote letters to their Town Council, then Zane spoke to a big group of grown-ups about why snowball fights should be allowed to play outside snowball fight without breaking the law. After the council voted, and now it is totally okay to have snowball fights and Severance Colorado even got to throw out the first legal snowball. I now have you seen this Benny. The ice skating dog his owner is a former professional ice skater and talking to skate with custom dog face on his front paws. Then it was really easy to like kitchen one thing and then an hour later add on to that thing and add on the anniversary of the internet. That’S right! The internet turns 30 years old. It all started in 1989, at a physics lab in Switzerland, where English scientist Tim berners-lee got an idea. His job would be a lot easier if computers could talk to each other, computer is needed a way to connect like a phone line. That’S when Kim came up with online and network were computers around the whole wide world could talk to each other, and the World Wide Web was born. Scientists thought it would catch on quickly, a large, no matter how small will be on the internet. In the year 2,000. People didn’t understand what the internet was, but computers, some more people had access to the internet and soon everyone wanted to be online fast forward. To now and the internet is still the place to be, if you can shop, get medical advice, create music videos, you can even go to school on the internet. Can you imagine the world without the internet? It might be hard too, and that’s because the internet changed the way we live for chimpanzees to Chimp Haven. It’S like a retirement home for chimpanzees, where they go to grow old and monkey around resting. Before all 259 chimps came to this sanctuary in Louisiana, scientist use them to look for ways to treat diseases in humans. Why? Chimps? Because they have a lot of the same genetic makeup as humans. We’Re talkin 96-97 percent like us, are extremely intelligent at the sanctuary. They need special activities to challenge them, and some of them are even involved in their own Healthcare. The sanctuary is planning to expand, so Merchants can live at chimp Haven, but I’m wondering do they like living there in the afternoon for using this thing in there being silent and you walk in and when you just hear laughter. Let me know that there are signs of Happiness, looks like these chips will be enjoying the rest of their days in good spirits and great company, and now have you seen this. This is knickers. He may look like call, but he is actually a sphere and his enormous size is making him an internet. Superstar knickers isn’t your average 7 year olds that are weighing in at one and a half tons he’s as heavy as a car plastic made of crabs. Plastic is just about everywhere. It’S in straws, grocery bags. It’S even and close. Over the past 70 years, 9 billion tons of plastic have been made. So where does all that play Citgo? Well know where plastic doesn’t break down his late, so those plastic things blow in the wind clock are landfills and float into the ocean where they can harm fish. At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Carson Meredith is in a race with other scientist across the globe. Erase earth-friendly material that can be used instead of plastic Meredith has a fishy fix to our plastic problem are crab shells. The secret ingredient for his replacement is crap House of crab shrimp or lobster shells go to waste every year, so this alternative would be using waste to reduce waste. This plastic substitute can’t be made fast enough to replace plastic just yet, but it’s a place to start. As scientist keep on create, I know: have you seen this scientist aren’t the only ones helping to rid the world of plastic and London England. This man pedals a bamboo water bike to clean up canals and rivers herend in just 1 hour. His bags are filled with plastic waste. Natural look at this week’s NBC news for Universal kids now go join the conversation
From the monarch butterfly lady to a ban on snowball fights, we learned so much from this week’s NBC News for Universal Kids!
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Monarch Butterflies, Internet Anniversary, And Snowball Ban | NBC News For Universal Kids

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