Monday afternoon forecast 29/10/18

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Monday afternoon forecast 29/10/18
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Monday afternoon forecast 29/10/18
Hello again pretty chilly stuff to the working week, but so pretty you stop for many with blue sky sunshine cousin from the North Sea Ocean, making it feel especially Cold Spring single figure values pretty code for the time of year and the temperatures will fall away this Evening on that, clear skies in the west, but in the East will see more clouds, but it’s also means that it’s going to be a windy and wet start for someone choose that for the West we will keep the clear skies and hear the blue on a Child suggesting there will be a frost or two temperatures down below freezing in Glasgow. Most hasn’t cities will stay above, but sunny in Florida. Where is it goes to West? The whale sound first thing, they’ll be a frost now some cloud and a few showers over the Midlands whales and snow Tuesday section will be down in Eastern side of England, where it’s going to be windy and at times it’s going to be wet and it will Feel cold we may reach 9 or 10 on my thermometer by the afternoon. Eight nine 10 degrees warmer than Monday that wet and windy and pretty bleak weather spirals away from England, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire through Tuesday evening and then many Easton area Wesley thought the same ol cloud of bounds of showers, pushing in the change that will move through the Middle of the week starts to come off from the Westin., Whether he’s looking out into the Atlantic for those changes. Spiraling around bring you some rain on Wednesday and Thursday, but development become more significance through Thursday night and Friday. As we look to see pitesti. Quite a nasty, every load pressure, developing bringing heavy rain and some strong now there’s a lot of insanity exactly how the system develops and how intense it will be, but so definitely could bring some problems later this week. So the week stops cold. It slowly turns, and then it turns wet, very windy indeed week ahead, forecast available on Monday afternoon, and I YouTube channel and also on our Facebook page and Surfer movie updates throughout this week.
29 October – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin


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