MoneyWatch headlines: MoviePass stock plummets after latest outages

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a lack of Ginger and it’s ginger ale misled to believe that the bubbly drink contain real Ginger which is known as a remedy for stomach aches super soda has only a minuscule amount of Ginger flavor extract shocking I know so we reached out to the brownie that contains no gluten it is one of several new menu items Dunkin is introducing only the brownie is gluten-free statement the company said it recognize the importance of providing alternatives for people with dietary restrictions MoviePass is watching its stock tank after the service suffered more outages on Monday moviegoers were met with a blank screen when they should have been seeing a choice of movie screenings many took the social media Movie Pass was forced to borrow $5000000 last week
The ticket subscription service MoviePass is in rocky territory after recent outages and Canada Dry is sued over ginger ale. These headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.

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