More Democrats Want A Trump Impeachment Inquiry After Damning Ukraine Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

More Democrats Want A Trump Impeachment Inquiry After Damning Ukraine Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
More Democrats Want A Trump Impeachment Inquiry After Damning Ukraine Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Greg, let me just begin with you, because it is that reporting from your news has a lot of reporting from your newspaper. We are talkin about tonight, but specifically the reporting from The Washington Post. Take us through of what you know about the president, telling his chief of staff Mick Mulvaney a week before this phone call with Ukraine’s president to put a hold you report to put a hold on military aid to Ukraine right. So, in this case, under normal circumstances, by the Department of Defense and the state department – and in this case Trump asks is Chief of Staff, who is also acting as head of the OMB to hold that money back to prevent it from being released to you, White House officials were telling us today that that was because of concerns about corruption, and you know, I guess either one of my reactions when we heard that was that, under what other circumstances has Administration made battling corruption, one of its signature issues – I mean this is not Exactly an Administration that has made that a core priority, does your reporting suggested all that suggesting that this had to do with corruption concerns? Is the reporting suggest that Trump was at all more specific, with Mulvaney or more specific, in the administration, about this being directly related to Joe Biden son? That’S the question that everybody is asking and I’m not sure we have gotten to the truth with that. Yet I think that what’s important is to look at that call at July 25th, call at the center of a broader series or collection of a intercourse that in which the Trump Administration is withholding. Not only this money or roughly four hundred million dollars, but is withholding the prospect of a meeting for much of the new president of Ukraine, early tenure refusing to meet with her talk with him and tell this late July phone call and you have the same time. The president’s lawyer really freelancing diplomatically and much more directly and explicitly prodding Ukrainian government how to restart an investigation that they hoped would bring political dirt on the Biden family with the Mueller investigation, culminating in the Mueller report mother’s testimony recently, there’s been a million other controversies. Flare-Ups moments, when the White House has been forced to defend a comment when the president and allegation against the president, these sorts of things, how is the house regarding the development in the last 24 hours specifically relating to Democrat and impeachment? Do they view this as par for the course or do they view this as something different just first generally speaking in this is not everyone in the White House in the presence or but there are some people who are concerned, but there is a sense that this Is potentially can be spun as positive for the present? If you can take this issue, this is his skillset and it involves his trademark shamelessness issue and make it less about him. He did or did not do or say and use the media Spotlight to focus and in Ukraine, and it can you send an answer of the show that there is no evidence that there was any wrongdoing and his son did something untoward did something corrupt. It needs to be investigated so the from the presents point of view – and you saw this in his public comments today – up in New York – he’s sort of loving this moment. Some concern, of course, what we’re seeing tonight at least one step closer, we’ll know more after that meeting tomorrow. That’S a problem it in part, because you see how the president reacts is often quite erratically and making a problem worse for himself when he does feel under threat when he does feel under his the president to intervene. I want to harden in the public Consciousness, Anita a version of the same question to you with the status quo, whatever you want to call it for the last two-plus years, when it’s come to Republicans on Capitol Hill in this president generally either been to defend him Or to say nothing to keep quiet in terms of what you’re picking up on it, how they’re processing what’s going on right now, do you expect more of the same or something different here, the worried that they have an? As actually said, some people aren’t worried right. Some people aren’t that concerned, but they’re worried that they do have is that more moderate Republicans are going to get away from them. Then they’re going to lose that supports. You know where the Democrats are. They know exactly they’re going to be opposed. It’S the Republicans that they’re really worried about and if that, if they start to lose that support than it was all going to go downhill from there, so that’s really their concern. I will say, though, that he’s feeling pretty good about one thing, which is that they feel this is very, very nice only affecting Joe Biden. They feel very strongly that everybody I talked to you today says you know this is his damaging him and, and they feel good about that part of it, obviously not about the other part tonight has reported that Mick Mulvaney was told by President Trump to put a Hold on that military aid to Ukraine a week before the president’s phone conversation with that country’s president. Now I’ve just been handed this this in the last 5 minutes, the New York Times, Neighbors from the store you can see it up on your screen are the headlines from The New York Times in the last 5 minutes. Trump ordered Aid to Ukraine Frozen days before call with its leader this from The New York Times story, I can read you mr. Trump directed wisdom medicated to the Pentagon in the state department, which were told only that the administration was looking at whether the spending was Necessary the official said so similar here, certainly to that reporting The Washington Post came out with being filled in it on. Let me bring in the president today seaming at moments to suggest that he may be a transcript of this call be released at some point in the future. Hey, if you heard it, he said you realize there was nothing to it when he was pinned down on that he wouldn’t eat. We would do it, would not let himself get pin down. I should say on whether he would release it. What are the odds? What is your sense actually releasing the telephone call. The President also said that he would love to release his tax returns if only he weren’t under audit, which there’s never been proof that he was under audit when he was running for president. He said that he would sit down with Robert Mueller. I didn’t happen so this this could be one of those Lucy with the football kind of things at likely likely will be. The president, in his remarks, did mention something that is a legitimate concern, which is that these foreign leader calls happen. The idea that they were not going to be made public that the contents and an in particular transcripts won’t be made public earlier in the president’s Administration. There was Major controversy when some some of these transcripts of War leaked, so there are legitimate concerns about publicly releasing these sorts of things, but you know that it isn’t just the transcript. It is also this whistleblower complaint that is being blocked from Congress and anything what’s happening and we’re Democrats look to be headed is is saying you know you, the White House, that the Trump Administration is actively blocking an investigation and – and they Senator speaker, Pelosi in letter, But she sent to members yesterday use the strongest language language she’s used so far it and implied that the lack of of turning information over it’s part of the problem, too. Hey there on Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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As reports come to light that Trump ordered military aid to Ukraine withheld, the calls for an impeachment inquiry grow louder and louder from Democrats on Capitol Hill. Our panel reacts. Aired on 09/23/19.
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More Democrats Want A Trump Impeachment Inquiry After Damning Ukraine Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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