More suspicious mail targets Trump critics – BBC News

More suspicious mail targets Trump critics – BBC News
Fbi in the United States has confirmed the discovery of two more suspicious packages. Offer series of pipe bombs were sent to Provident critics of President Trump. One of the Nexus devices was sent to the former Director of National Intelligence. James Clapper was found in the post office in New York. Address to the Democrat Senator Cory. Booker was discovered in Florida. Please say that I just packages closely resemble $ 0.10 earlier this week, which will crude bums packed with powder and shards of glass. Will the very latest one we’re told with discover the post office in New York on Manhattan? You remember yesterday when was discovered. Restaurant belonging to Robert De Niro, just another on another device, was found it to CNN. This morning we understand was addressed to James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, very vocal in criticizing the president over Russia and other issues. Since the president came into office, Staten Island was addressed to him earlier. We out some indication that the Florida sorting office in office in South Florida in Miami – what is a concert where on the standings, is another package that came from that there was headed for a senator Cory, Booker again a Democrat, a very hot profile: Democrat 20 20 Reaction from the White House says these devices by the way 12:10 to 10. Different people has been pretty clear that these attacks all Despicable. They say that they will hunt people down who are responsible. They will say that it’s the media’s fault that there’s so much anger in American Society at the moment, something the president is very keen on. It said that the reject the idea, that is his language or any kind of rhetoric that he uses that he whips. That is responsible in any way for creating the environment where things like this could happen. So there is very substantial pushback on this from from the White House and from the president, I know ulcer attempts to cause for unit for unification in February, together, frankly of calypso, you know where Washington live, pictures of downtown New York, Sports of being the 12th device Was found this morning addressed to James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence Federal sources, saying that service particular devices package with consistent with the other 11 XI, won’t be reported in Florida today and that have been addressed. As we said to Democratic senator Cory Booker, it appears that has driven away this device from the postal facility in New York City very similar to that we’ve seen in other instances. But of course, number of suspected devices in the suspicious package is causing a great deal of concern in the United States.
Two suspicious packages have been found in the US, addressed to a top Democrat and a former senior intelligence official.

One item addressed to Senator Cory Booker was found at or near a Florida mail facility.

A second was at a New York post office, addressed to ex-national intelligence chief James Clapper via CNN.

The news came after several mail bombs were sent to prominent critics of US President Donald Trump.

Ex-President Barack Obama and actor Robert de Niro were among those target

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