Most Russian plane crash victims killed by fire, rather than impact, says investigator

Most Russian plane crash victims killed by fire, rather than impact, says investigator
Most Russian plane crash victims killed by fire, rather than impact, says investigator
Good morning, the very latest on the fiery crash yesterday that earlier this morning, this video posted to social media, one of many on social media captures just the terror the horror passengers were experiencing as flames golf the russian-made plant. These all happen as it was making an emergency landing at moscow’s main airport just minutes after taking off 41 people this morning confirmed as died in the crash, and when you see this new video just released morning by investigators, it is incredible to survive a scramble to Safety down those emergency shoots are Moscow. Correspondent Chris Brown has been this morning through the very latest on the investigation. Well, we have seen, as you saw some of the video of the aircraft. It is really just a charred Hulk. It’S still sitting on one of the one of the runways at sheremet of a airport just in the cities, North delaying operations there in some cases, by several hours for flight. So far, we know that investigators have found both black boxes, so they’ll be able to get some answers from those and everyone who was in the cockpit all the flight crew. They all serve. Five does well so they’ll be able to provide some answers and, of course, just from so many different angles, so much horrific, yet unbelievable video of what happened on the runway yesterday from the security camera, you can see the aircraft coming and very very fast. It would seem striking down going back up into the air before touching down again hitting actually the runway in the back of the head of the tail part of the aircraft that caused the fire, and it literally went down the runway in a fireball from inside the Plane just horrific sounding video of people screaming for help calling for their children telling them to grab ahold of them. Other people, other passengers, saying wait, wait we’re going to deploy those Chutes and you can tell from the outside video that the two front shoots were deployed by Toby. Understand that, of course, the back shoots were never deployed Russian TV is saying it doesn’t appear many if any passengers in the back actually were able to get out alive. Until now, we may be trying to get some clear answers on that death toll. As you say, 41 is the number, but really until now that Russian media accounts have been emphasizing the nun of survivors in this really trying to seems to me to make the best of a horrible situation but again included in that 41 at least some children and Some teenagers Heather another part of this investigation. This was an aeroflot flight. Alara fought flight 1492. Tell us a little bit more about the particular model of plane that was flying where it’s used. Anything in particular about its its back around at all was a very important part of the story. This is a Sukhoi superjet-100 carries about 100 passengers, Fusion flight about 2 hours or so within Russia, and with notable it is the only russian-built craft since Soviet times. Aeroflot Fleet is mostly Airbus and Boeing aircraft, but it has 50 of these Sukhoi aircraft. It’S a Prestige project for the Putin government, even though there have been ongoing concerns about / 4 and production. Nonetheless, given the political sensitivity of this, there are no plans to ground any of these planes and for now of the Sukhoi superjet will stay flying play X. You see at the video is harrowing. This is the scene yesterday, moskos main airport. Russia’S investigators are today really digging into the air superjet-100 burst into a fireball. Is it made an emergency landing shortly? After takeoff, 41 people died. We got the confirm number this morning, but incredibly 33 survive and what was the difference between like and death, perhaps as simple as where the passengers and crew were located. When that tragedy struck, that’s one of the things we’re going to talk about in the next few minutes with Larry vast, a former pilot NTSB accident investigator. He is an auto all this morning and regular. Our program is good to see you once again officials this morning. In Russia, so let me put some of those questions to you. Mr Vaz number one. They said that Russia is not when Ground is playing the Sukhoi superjet-100. What happened to it so if they have, and they can write off the fact that it’s it’s something that could happen to all the others in the fleet, I would be looking to ground it. Going concerns about performance and production is not one that hasn’t raised. Question marks before I don’t know that it has a really bad safety record from an accident point of you, but this it’s not systemic to the fleet. They had better look pretty seriously. I don’t have a definitive, that’s good, but right now, they’re still just talking about three potential scenarios: mechanical failure, pilot and experience or whether, based on what you seen and read so far. But one thing I can tell you this: if they know more than we do and they will release the information this thing is they confirming that if it becomes factual and they can send, can confirm it, but they do know more than we do as far as What happened? The accident sequence started very shortly after takeoff and something happened, but we’ve heard rumors what happened to the airplane and it caused the pilots to determine that they needed to come back to the airport, pretty quickly. Lake Bruin and some kind of mechanics thing. We’Re all working something mechanical like I just give you an example: colonel in the in the in the Play Systems stopped working and caused. We don’t know what it would be in doing that there was some speculation. I heard that they had lost communication with the tower. That’S supported a little bit because you can see that when the airplane came in for the landing the fire trucks, for example, play so it’s almost seems like they didn’t know, it was coming or they didn’t know was coming everything had gone swimmingly, then those fire trucks Would have been this morning, which is the burned-out fuselage information from looking at song After the the event when the fire has burned itself out, early dramatic burn out of the airplane occurred afterwards now, obviously inside the airplane would have been a horrific thing for those who Were on board, this is typical of what accident the fire accident looks like it’s absolutely typical Everything Burns all off, and you have to have to work with what you have. The dad of the middle seats at the rear of an aircraft have the highest survival rates. So this was seemingly fly in the face of that Trend. If I can say that or they historical trend is it just simply because there was such a fire involvement, it’s the fire that changes that Dynamic airplane accidents typically happen when they run into the airplane, runs into something: don’t they in the people who are sitting in The front are more vulnerable than the people in the back Carlos longer before this happened from the midsection. If you will toward the toward the rear of the airplane, and certainly those people in the back would be susceptible to the fire is pretty dramatic. When you see it on the video, where we’ve been covering so much lately very unfortunate Airlines Stories, the 737 Max 8 crash this crash. Yesterday we had the plane skidding Off The Runway in Jacksonville over the weekend. Again, this tends to give the flying public pause, to say the least, worried about safety. What are we need to keep in mind? Well, this is a cluster. Isn’T it it’s a cluster of accidents that have happened all in the same time frame if you willing it. Certainly gives people reason to pause it. What people have to realize this that these accidents other than the two in in the volume 737 Max 8 or unrelated they’re all separate? They all have separate lead events. They all have separate change of events, and I don’t think that it represents anything serious happened in me. People are very safe to get a mother airplane and go where they want to go.
Russian officials said 41 bodies and both flight recorders were recovered from the burned wreckage of an Aeroflot plane at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. Larry Vance, a former pilot and TSB accident investigator, said most of those killed died in the fire, not the impact.

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