Mother Of Demi Lovato Raises Awareness On Opioid Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mother Of Demi Lovato Raises Awareness On Opioid Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC
The Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 70 mm Americans died of drug overdoses last year, and I think about it. That’S a greater number than all the lives were lost during the entire day. Big long, Vietnam War. So far, not one executive of an opioid manufacturer or distributor has been sentenced to a single day in jail as a pharmaceutical increase scrutiny, a lot of people are starting to The Washington Post. Editorial board recently did if Congress is doing enough to get it. One of the root causes of this epidemic with this now to talk about that and much more someone who is devoted himself that calling attention to the OPA crisis but selling author and the host of America on crtv Eric Bolling he’s alongside Dianna delagarza she’s, a mother Of singer, Demi Lovato, who called her own battle with action, quote not something that disappears our Fades with time, also with us back with us again leading spine surgeon and founder of the online Health newsletter, thrived dr. Dave Campbell he’s the author of the team formula. A parent’s guide to helping your child avoid substance abuse I want to get to Diana and Eric in a minute, but first dr. Dave, I saw the 60-minute special last night and Eva is a guy from floor. Who knows Florida. I was blown away by the fact that something like 500 million opioid tablets came in for the state of Florida. This state and guaranteed Healthcare epidemic. Fortunately, getting under control thanks to actions such as State Attorney, Dave, aronberg and even the governor and some of the Ledger legislation of the last few years. Florida was the pill Mill capital of the United States. It is not now and Eric, I’m sure you saw the 60-minute special last night and if you’re apparently like yourself, who has lost a child to this epidemic – and you see that pharmaceutical companies are flooded, again. 500 million pills coming into the state of Florida. It’S happening all across the United States, Bad actors with an MD at the end of their name, basically being pill. Mills for four Americans unconscionable. What do we do in one day, very, very good question Jones fact. I did watch that and I did see a doctor who had little or no remorse have to prescribe me at one point: a thousand people were dying, we’re trying to create awareness. Yes, Pharmaceuticals have been pumping opioid pills into doctors. What are doctor’s going to do? They’Re going to turn around and prescribe them they’re going to make sales. Doctors are at fault that we talked about my son passed away after taking one pill, he was in college. He bought what he thought was his Xanax. It was laced with fentanyl the Chinese knockoff and it killed him that night. So it’s multi-faceted and I think, what’s important, you know you talk about Demi Lovato. You talk about the story. After in the aftermath of Demi’s, you know, high-profile overdose are children. How can I do this and she said soon as he’s out of safe and feeling, okay, we’re going to eat we’re going to team up and that’s what we did. I think parents who, like any other parents in the world, love their kids right in it. Then things happen and you have to be visually, you have to be where you have to have your discussion and you have to create Jason, wise and Diana. It is an ongoing battle. Anyone with a loved one who has an addiction problem knows that it is for a lifetime. It is a fight that you battle five minutes added time is actually a disease. It’S not a moral choice like so many people may have been led to sing, and so that’s also thing that you know I want to raise awareness, and let people know that you know the addiction that is fueling. The opioid crisis is something that needs to be looked at and no ways for people to get help have had addiction problems, and it is, I realize it’s, a disease and it’s something that everybody around around the loved one. They have to come together and and be patient and try to help any way they can so Joe. You were amazing when we lost our son. You called Adrian – and I so many times but here’s the point that I think we’re trying to see if two different situations view from an addiction. At one point you talkin from an accidental overdose on another situation. But here we need to remove the stigma of addiction and overdosing and Drug dependence. We need to make people aware that it can touch. I can’t tell you how many parents have said. I thought my son and my daughter was just too popular too smart to athletic too white to black too gay to straight to whatever, but they were touched by it and drugs are killing our youth. We need to remove the stigma and I think that’s the that’s. What we can do, I’m frankly but I’ll, be honest with you Joe. I think Congress isn’t doing enough. I think the White House can do more and I’ve been pushing them to do more, to remove the stigma. They’Re very good and enforcing they’re, not very good, at removing the stigma, nothing really important and as long as the justice department, as long as Congress only focuses on doctors who are Bad actors Saturday, instead of focusing on the fartist pharmaceutical companies that are pumping pills in Two states that are making a massive profit on it, we’re not going to get to the root cause of this problem. It’S an evolving problem, also Joe 2018. We’Re seeing a dramatic spike in the synthetic opioids coming from China up through Mexico, literally with postal service, is bringing in drugs in the new Senate and House. Opioid Bill does address that, so this is it in evolving crisis that is much different. Today, wasn’t 2010 we’ve seen synthetic opioids now responsible for 30000 deaths last year, that’s dramatic 72,000 total deaths but 30,000 Fentanyl and some of the Fentanyl analogues very quickly. I said down with Kirsten Nielsen the homeland security secretary and she dressed that I. So what are you doing about the postal service and she said they’re literally tens of millions of dollars that are earmarked for grading, how the postal service reviews packages that are coming through? The US Postal System, again 3 grams of salt, can kill a human being if it’s gets really really crazy that they need to work on that. So a lot more resources. Frankly, hey guys just what you went through and Eric man, I haven’t smoked in a long time. I just your loss. I can’t I know you want to experiment everything in moderation. What’S what’s the Playbook obvious you’ve been digging deep into this? What what do I say to my daughter – because I know she’s going to that thing that happened to your son – is just could happen to anybody. I had that conversation with a hundred times a hundred times, just in moderation just be careful, you know you sophomore in college great kid lots of friends took one. They need to understand that taking one pill from the wrong place and tell frankly, there’s another kid at the University of about 20 miles from here 19 year old son of a military Navy. I think it was likely a bad batch of of Xanax laced with fentanyl. One pill you put it in your mouth, you don’t know, what’s going to happen and that’s the problem day for dr. Dave. This is a look at Diana’s Dianne, its challenges. It has to do with addiction, something that we’ve all dealt with with loved ones before you. You look at what happened with Eric Bana one pill. That’S what I tell my kids after talking to Eric one pill can kill, but for those on the addiction side of this, which is such a problem, there is hope, talk about talk about, what’s being done right now, to help people get off of opioids prevention Falls. Both on the young people to prevent the naive kid, who’s, never used, very importantly, on the treatment and Recovery so giving recovery support services and making sure everyone understands that this new batch of pills that may be used for fun or actually poison now and they weren’t 10 years ago and Andy, nor can’t can you say, is the antidote is widely available. It needs to be made more widely available so that we can save lives so that we can offer recovery Support Services to those valuable individuals that have just come hard time. All right Eric, thank you so much as always come back Diana. Thank you and dr. Dave Campbell, the author of the team formula. Thank you as well. The team formula is a critical resource for parents that are dealing with this difficulty. Take a look at it. That does it for us this morning. We now turn it over to Stephanie ruhle, who picks up the covered Stephanie thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories round us to watch more for Morning, Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Singer Demi Lovato was hospitalized over the summer after an overdose. Following her overdose, Lovato’s mother contacted Eric Bolling, who lost a son to opioid use. Bolling and Dianna De La Garza join Morning Joe to discuss raising awareness.
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Mother Of Demi Lovato Raises Awareness On Opioid Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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