Mourners gather for 9/11 first responder funeral

Mourners gather for 9/11 first responder funeral
Mourners gather for 9/11 first responder funeral
Do this in memory of me, let us proclaim the mystery of there for father as we celebrate the memorial of the saving passion of your son, resurrection and Ascension into heaven, as we look forward to his second coming, we offer you and Thanksgiving this holy and Living Sacrifice looking for a church recognizing the sacrificial victim by who’s Jack, you will to reconcile us to yourself Grand that we are nourished by the body and blood of your son and filled with his holy spirit. We may become one body, one spirit and Christ Virgin Mary Mother of God, with your blessed Apostles and glorious Martyrs, st. Louis and, with all the same, I’m just trying to session in your presence, unfailing help, Advance the peace and salvation of all the world be pleased To confirm and faith and charity your Pilgrim, Church, Radio, Service, scientist off, hope and Nicholas our mission is assistance, Bishops, the order of mission for the clergy and the entire people. You have gained 4 year old, listen graciously to the prayers of this family from you have summoned before you and your compassion. Oh merciful, father gather to yourself all your children scattered throughout the world. Remember your servants, Luis Gustavo, hope you have called from this world to yourself. Granted. He who was United with your son in a death like his may also be one with him and his resurrection when from the earth he will raise up in the flash. Those who have died and transfer our lowly body after the pattern of his own glorious body to our departed brothers and sisters too, and to all who were pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give kind admittance to your kingdom. There we hope to enjoy cover the fullness of your glory when he will wipe away every tear from our eyes for seeing you, our God, is you are. We shall be like you for all the ages and Praise You Without End through Christ, Our Lord, through whom you bestow on the world oil. That is good, I’m riding with him and in him in the unity of the poem by Divine teaching. We dare to say Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy, will be done, give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us.. Lord, we pray from every evil, graciously Grant peace and all days about the health of your mercy. We may be always free from sin and safe from all the stress, as we await the Blessed hope and the coming of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ look not at our sins, but on the faith of your church and grantor the peace and unity of your kingdom, where you live forever, Endeavor the Peace of the Lord be with you always. Thank you so much thanks for being here with you. Please Behold the Lamb of God, Behold Him who takes away the sins of the world blessed all those called to the supper of the Lamb. The word decreased. Those are Catholics were prepared to receive Holy Communion. The body of the Lord may do so at this time. Audiobook God bless and keep you on your face: father son, Holy Spirit or body of Christ, Body of Christ, the body of Christ, Body of Christ, volume, the body of Christ, Body of Christ. Thank you for that volume price, the body of Christ, Body of Christ, Body of Christ, call let us prey Grand Prix pray almighty, God that your servant, Luis Alvarez Quest Journey from this world may by this sacrifice, be cleansed and free from sin and sorry play Everlasting Joy of the Resurrection we ask this through Christ, Our Lord amen, would you kindly be seated and if I could now invite the police commissioner of the city of New York, James O’Neill, two come forward play Everyone by the Harry Harrington. Thank you for the holiday. Thank you for that eulogy to the Alvarez family, just Esther Indulgence for second breakfast before I start speaking about Louis that look around at church. I look outside she elected officials, the government Representatives, a sea of blue sea firefighters, and it’s great, it’s great – that we’re all here to celebrate Louie’s life, but it’s mine for a second and every time. There’S a few. I think I have that opportunity, everybody just to think about who Lily was when he was apart of what he dedicated his life to think about. City was like in 1990 think about where we were think about the fact that there was little hope that things would get better, but Louis was part of a transformation has been transformed not by accident lot of hard work. Dedication, courage, love Karen! That’S how this city was transformed by the 30th can cops 18000 support staff and changed where we are now in 2019. Y’All need to approve where’s the city’s going to get even safer to buy us all working together, it’s okay to criticize it okay to scrutinize. That makes us better, no doubt of that, but just think about how we got where we are today and be thankful, the appreciative imagination. It took these jobs because they want to make a difference. I want to do good Nativity Church Everyday by the Harrington in the staff and Congregation of Immaculate Conception, Church Laney, Deacon and mrs. Alvarez, David Tyler Ben Fernando Phil, nieces and nephews and other family members, co-workers friends and loved ones. I extend our most profound detective. First grade Luis Alvarez was an authentic man. He let you know exactly what he thought. I think that’s pretty fair to say. While his tenacity and strength made him a leader amongst Prairie’s, it would shy away and downplay. The activation naturally came with such actions and influence at the end of the day, jiggly those in positions of great power to follow suit. For 1965 E150 year-and-a-half-old, the Alvarez family came to plant roots here in Astoria who attended this church. Was it taken at the tower of Faith? He graduated from Monsignor mcclancy Memorial, High School in East Elmhurst and served as United States Marine and then four days shy of his 25th birthday, 1990 Alvarez became a New York top. It was initially assigned to the 108 Precinct not too far from here in Long Island City 3 years in you made another Brave, courageous decision to transfer it to my Narcotics Division. Wasn’T Townsend undercover investigate David five years later by 2nd grade detective and two years after that, first grade for those you or not less dangerous assignment, so without a hint of irony so still can’t believe this. He joined the NYPD bomb squad. Talk about an exceptional human thing, decorated cop living life on his own terms, the retired 20 years, and one day after he started his story attended. There would have been enough for several lifetimes. He really wants to perfect depiction the American dream. The shining example of our City’s great, as well as the extraordinary called the service it’s so many courageous New York, is Embrace, even if only for just part of their lives but the Lou Alvarez. It was far from done who believes strongly in the equality of all people, especially the political, social, economic life trademark. Stubbornness promoted that belief until his dying day, the last three years – Luke Ford Cancer and a truly incredible and ultimately, very public manner. The front is Battle as incredible cuz. It wasn’t just lose Valiant struggle against a debilitating illness, free single, first responder and volunteer their work on September 11th and weeks and months afterward. As a duty plain and simple. It only wanted in return, was having a government recognized the labor and paint of his brothers and sisters by making sure that taken care of medically when they fall ill himself. There are, there are a great many others who aren’t there won’t be. My life isn’t worth more than the next responded to get cancer. He testified. My family’s needs are not worth less than others that have already died, guys with blunt Grace that Future Family stand on link to experience the stress of fighting these terrible illnesses, but their struggles. We be compounded by the unconscionable financial burden of trying to fund their Healthcare Ray Charles. On that day, the terrorists attacked our nation and more than 500 of our members have since contracted various ailments and life-threatening illnesses. This morning already died, including Lou out tomorrow. That number could rise in the years ahead and most assuredly well no person who responded to 911 or work the point of exhaustion during the lengthy rescue-and-recovery. That followed should ever need to beg elected officials to act. I’Ll tell you this week and thank God we will Alvarez, who stepped forward to make that demand I’ll, be half of every citizen and resident of our country, and so with the 9/11 victim compensation fund running out of money and set to expire next Congress. Considering considering a possible vote sometime this summer, The Time for Action is long overdue. It is in lose. Memory cannot in good conscience, place a financial cap or temporal limit on the slow-moving crisis. They absolutely must vote to extend it to shore up adequate funding for the DCF indefinitely, because there’s Lou a paragon of Rizal flat, assisted the right thing to do is all really very simple. These Heroes responded to call for help. They did not hesitate, that’s who they were and still are. They are the very best among us, but asked everyone to take a moment appreciate that these people, your neighbor’s, put themselves In Harm’s Way, Harm’s Way to keep you safe and understand that they will always do everything in their power to protect you, that’s what Lou and So many others did that’s his enduring Legacy at Legacy for Texas. Still, we pray that Lou now finds rest, that we find Solace and peace and strength to live the life before to give us all. God bless detective, Luis Alvarez and God bless every member, the NYPD and all First Responders will now carry on his most important work. Thank you. If I get now inside forward ID Lugo and David Alvarez, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but those of you who don’t know me Louis Alvarez was my older brother. He was third in line in the Alvarez family and I was blessed to be the fourth. The only girl my name is Ida. Lugo Lori was born in Havana, Cuba, communist Cuba in October 19th, T5, but before long he and my two older brothers would receive the greatest gift they’ve ever received from our parents, Freedom, they painfully Left Behind everyone and every in the hopes of providing their son’s with The opportunity to live and worship without censorship to live in Freedom in the United States of America. My father taught us from very early on to love and defend. Little did my parents know that this single act of sacrificed, wood, lathe, I’m work for the man, their son would become a man who served defended protected till his last dying day from early on my brother’s instinct to protect, let him I was often told the story Of how, when anyone approached me, Louie would firmly grip. The handle of my stroller take on a soldier stands and mourn, don’t my baby. He was 3 and 1/2 as a teenager Sports, first crushes and first jobs. It was soon after, however, that he began to distinguish himself as someone who March to the beat of his own drum after turning 18. My brother came home one day to announce to my parents without warning that he had judge US Marine Corps off. He went still wet behind the ears to serve and defend. The Marine Corps was a good match, a place where honor courage and commitment were held in high regard a place where he knew he could build a better self. His Chi is called to order was received when he became a father for the first time, not without a little fear and to the best of his ability Louis raise to some David. Anyone who knows my nephew will know what an amazing job he and David’s mom says he did they raise the son who recognizes the importance of family bond and marry his wife Laney? Someone who my brother lovingly recognized as a girl, who also March to the beat of her own welcome Tyler and Benjamin Sons. My brother tried hard to teach the meaning of loyalty, respect and honor to. It was during this time that my brother would answer his calling become a member of the New York City Police Department. What he didn’t know was it was he was about to discover the largest group of people who followed the same, beat his same key. A family who worked towards the same level of excellence in serving and protecting his career started with uniform Patrol at his beloved 108th Precinct in Long Island City, probably moved on to Queens major case narcotics bravely taking on undercover work and then finally, on to the bomb Squad we’re in his own words, he joined an elite and special breed. It was during his time in narcotics that our nation face the tragedy of 9/11, While most sets down sorry well most set stones and in disbelief our City’s Finest Hours he’s bravest. Our Brother Louie responded without hesitation. He would recount my desperate phone call to him, begging him not to go down there to stay away, but go he did there. He would be for the following three months: jumping head almost 16 years, Louie in our family or serve the biggest cross. God had ever laid on us. Louise cancer diagnosis, constant reminders from my incredibly strong mother. We faced each day in the faith that God never sends across too heavy to bear in a way, so few do with a tenacity and resilience that even surprised is oncology team. Nevertheless, chemo became his prison. His jail, often isolating him from the world. 62 English engage in the joys of everyday life and, despite a get-out-of-jail-free card off and being waived in his face a whole past to get out of chemo, he firmly. find it each and every time did he do that for the glory and attention absolutely not. He was way too humble. He did it to battle against his biggest fear. The fin of leaving Three Sons fatherless little did he know, God was at work, even admits his deadly diagnosis. He arms Louis with the grace to begin telling his story. A simple blog on Facebook is what he likes. Post hero2 urges co-workers and other responses to become registered with the World Trade Center victims, compensation fund to safeguard themselves and their family should they be hit with the same diagnosis, treatment after treatment. Brother, updated his friends and shared his experiences with chemo a fly under the radar type guy. As we know, he always appeared shocked to see the number of people following him and listening to what he had to say into his life. God would send angels to inspire Louis to fight the Injustice is being played out against his fellow fellow First Responders, Jeanne Kelly, Matthew, Macauley and Jon Stewart, as well as others armed my brother, with a vehicle used to play on behalf of those who are not being Treated fairly, that’s what he was taught., what he knew, that’s what he always did and, as we all know, despite being in pretty bad shape, he traveled to Capitol Hill to have his voice heard. He wanted to urge our government to do the right thing and protect its own. It became my bro. My brother is dying, wish the Legacy he wanted to leave that the bill protecting the victim’s compensation fund be past, humble that he was. He had hoped to have some small he’s in that, and although that did not happen as quickly as he would have liked, Louis was very grateful to hear about the unanimous vote to pass the Bill onto the Senate as one of my brother’s beloved previous Partners shared With me, Louie was the quietest man I have ever worked with, but in the end he made the most noise. Before closing, I’d like to share a very personal experience that took place tonight for Louie’s death. I woke up to my brother attempting to get out of bed. He was coughing, he was agitated, he told me he had been walking and walking. He wanted to sit in the chair. I called for the nurse was sisted in settling him down. I recounted what he had said. The nurse asked him where, where he had been walking and with David, as my witness my brother responded, I was walking to find first-responders to make sure they get help. How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the greatest to my dear 1044 hours suspicious package. I pray that the Angels Lead You In. Just as I know you will be there to Lead Me In just cuz. You promised Luis Gustavo Alvarez End of Watch June 29th, 2019, Fidelis, ad mortem, faithful unto death. Thank you. Thank you, everyone for being here today. It’S honor and celebrate my father. Thank you to all my family friends. Well, be my family and my family and blue who liked my father serve the city and country with humility and bravery for those of you who don’t know me yet my name is David Luiz Alvarez. I was given my father’s name as a second name, because when I was born, he told my mother. He wanted me to be my own man. He didn’t want me to be a junior. He called me buddy and Bubba. He called me Dave. He called me brother, and you called me friend and his last few weeks. He called me his bulldog and his Angel, but I always felt the most pride in his voice when he called me son, my firstborn. He would say he was fortunate to have two more Sons After me, Tyler and then – and I know without a doubt, we three have always been until the very end, his greatest joy and source of pride. My father also took a lot of pride in his work. He was a proud veteran of the US Marine Corps and he was an especially proud, NYPD, detective and bomb technician. The job was important to him. It was a call, you think he was just in it for the rush, but you took pride in helping others. He just had a particularly exciting way of going about it once when I was a kid he came to visit me one Saturday afternoon and I insisted repeat my room and rearrange the furniture. I was maybe only eight or nine at the time I sat on top of my dresser, maybe 5 feet off the ground and left off. I asked him: wasn’t that brave died without skipping a beat without even looking my way, he said, Dave there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity of my life. I think about it, the strangest of times, and so often when thinking about all the good he did on the job. He always worked on the brave side of the line. He would say it takes a special breed to be in NYPD bomb technician. It takes us kind of person to do the work he, and so many of you here do on a daily basis, and I thank you, for it be understood that to be a public servant meant to be in service of the greater good for all. Should I be fortunate enough to join NYPD in the near future? I hope to be as Admiral and effective an officer as he was my father and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye like any Father and Son pairing would buy loved him. Like nothing else – and I know he love me just the same growing up, I be told by family members that I was just like my dad. I laughed like him. I smile like him. I walk like him, I’m quiet and stubborn like he was. I always took it as compliments hearing these things from people, because I always looked up to my dad always wanted to be like him and anyway I could, but before he became an American hero, he was mine. He was Mikey my inspiration, the one above all, I wanted to make proud the one I aspired to be. He got his first wish for me, though I learn to be my own man. I learn from his mistakes, but I also be brave like him to care and be strong for others and to serve others as he did. I learned to love the Yankees as he did and if they can pull off winning the World Series this year I’ll know he had a Heavenly hand and making that happen. I learned so much from my father. I learned that being a man can mean many things, but, above all, it means taking responsibility for your words and your actions. Your word is your bond. In his last few days, I made several promises to him that I meant that I have every intention of keeping in his last moments before taking his last breath. I told him I love him. I love you dad. I promise walking on the brave side of the line. I promise to be the man you inspired me to be. Thank you, and now, if I could invite the most rare call, Sanchez auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn and Queens, I come bearing the prayers and consolation of Bishop DiMarzio, the bishop of Brooklyn and Queens. He sang epri’s for you and he gives you gratitude for your wonderful courage for all the members of Lewis, gustavo’s family, the courage and support that you gave him and his wonderful life, and especially, is in his self towards the end. Thanks to all who have spoken and reminded also the great values that we cherish As Americans as Christians as Catholics and those values that were captured in the to this young man, values like courage and fortitude, selflessness, self-sacrifice living for others. We give thanks to God that we have a witness of this before us and we see the same values and virtues in the members of our New York City Police Department, who daily help us and keep us safe. And we give thanks to God for their fortitude. As well become as a people Feast, we look forward to that day when we will see a Luiz Gustavo again and enjoy his friendship. Louise me, the Archangel Michael welcome you with the angels into the piece of God’s kingdom and where Eliezer is his poor. No longer that you have eternal rest and then paraphilic, I’m Petty separarnos Hasta la Muerte, I’m here. how to manage people. Are they want that And come and go Angels sing, their motive Los Altos? 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A 9/11 first responder is laid to rest in New York.

Luis Alvarez, a 9/11 first responder who recently died of colorectal cancer, will be laid to rest in New York. Alvarez was a New York Police Department detective who saved victims from the rubble in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016 and died on Saturday at the age of 53. In June, Alvarez testified in front of Congress along with Jon Stewart to lobby for health insurance for 9/11 first responders.

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