Movie Reviews: ‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’ and more

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Movie Reviews: ‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’ and more
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the sixth installment of the mission impossible series hits theaters this weekend and it is packed with jam-packed stunts like you just saw with more on this I want to bring in Richard Krause he’s our film critic TV News Channel good morning Richard we were musing in the morning meeting that perhaps it was mission Impossible 10 but no we’re only at number six this one it’s called fall out normally by the time you get this far into a franchise that’s had its ups and down you pretty much run out of gas in this one just seems to start speeding up now at number five and six and it’s mostly because of the just wild stunts that they have here so I needed actually when I was writing the review to pull out the thesaurus because words like epic and and you know awesome and extreme more exciting don’t even come close to describing the stunts in this movie and mostly it’s because they’ve gotten rid of the greens and all the stunts whether they’re on water land wheels and a helicopter whatever it might be are real you know the opening scene shows Tom Cruise flying through the air with a skydiving a hundred times to get enough kind of cool angles and shots and you get the sequence that doesn’t look like anything it doesn’t look like it could have possibly been done in the studio and that gives the movie The Plot maybe doesn’t make so much sense but it gives the movie a real sense momentum do stunts are outrageous this sounds like one of those movies none of the Mission Impossible movies really make sense if you sit down and think about them later they’re what I like to call in what it has famously been called refrigerator movies what’s going on and then later when you’re standing in front of the fridge looking into sea to make a sandwich or something okay wait a minute that didn’t make any sense at all as you’re running it over in your mind okay the next movie this week we’re going to talk about is called blindspotting daveed Diggs Bayou castle and they are lifelong friends they’ve been friends for a very long time from Oakland California there now creative partners and they’re the stars of this film WD is an African-American man Raphael like a cell is a is not he’s a white man who grew up in the same neighborhood and they taking their experiences of growing up together and taking the experiences of cultural appropriation of privilege of all these things and put them into a that is funny is really smart it takes a Twist that is quite interesting it’s a really inventive an interesting film it’s a bit sloppy but that’s kind of the point here I think is that the things that they’re just seen here are a big topics that. There are no real answers to so you’ve got this kind of loose interesting movie that will make you laugh it’ll make you think it’s the kind of found that you quote afterwards and you have a coffee and talk about so I get this one for okay the next movie shock and awe like this so much more than I did it’s Woody Harrelson and James Marsden and they play journalist working for Knight Ridder in Knight Rider is a syndicated news indicator I am in 2003 when everyone else was writing that there were weapons of mass destruction everywhere in a rock they said hey wait a minute we can’t really seem to find the proof here we can’t we can’t find it and they were they had roadblocks put in front of them everywhere that they went to try and navigate their story and ultimately the truth one out like it was a long journey it should be a fascinating story we’ve seen loads of other movies set in newsrooms in a spotlight All the President’s Men there’s a y that seems to take advantage of the real energy that happens in The Newsroom this movie does not so I would say there’s nothing particularly shocking or awesome about shocking off simply because it doesn’t have the passionate needs to tell the story and maybe apart because I feel because it is in our recent itch path we already know the story and so it didn’t work for me so much I give it to her to five stones enjoy your son
Film critic Richard Crouse reviews ‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’, ‘Blindspotting’ and ‘Shock and Awe.’

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