MP delays C-section for Brexit vote – BBC News

MP delays C-section for Brexit vote – BBC News
It is the most meaningful votes, most important vote in my lifetime. I just didn’t feel I could miss it. High risk pregnancy, I have gestational diabetes and the doctors recommended that I have a C-section tonight. I mean I really should be in a hospital right now, but when I realized the date I see bring it up to back. It’S not a decision I made likely. I did it it’s because I won’t the voices of my constituents and I’m still going to be hard, but Frankly Speaking, you shouldn’t be put in a position when you’re trying to decide between the birth of your son and the wishes of your constituents.
The MP for Hampstead and Kilburn has delayed the scheduled birth of her son via C-section, in order to attend Parliament for a crucial Brexit vote.

MP Tulip Siddiq said she has ‘no faith’ in the pairing system – a process by which Members of Parliament null their vote by arranging for an opposing voter to withdraw.

There is currently no provision for proxy voting in Parliament.

She is due to give birth later this week.

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