Mueller: Manafort made $60M from Ukraine work

special counsel Robert Mueller steam says that indicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort’s made 60 million dollars from his political Consulting work in Ukraine let’s go to work Justice Court started Evan Perez 11 explain why this Revelation about how much money you have manafort made is important for this is a revelation that came just in the last couple hours and they were talking 2 hours away from when the jury selection is set to begin in Alexandria Virginia the the prosecutors of for Robert Butler and the defense are fighting over whether or not the jury will get to see fifty or so exhibits these are exhibits at the Amana 14 says our prejudicial that are irrelevant to the charges the manifold is going on trial on bank and tax fraud charges and so the the metaphor team wants these exhibits at this evidence not shown to the jury the government responded this afternoon saying that did this is evidence that shows that manifold made $60 working for the Ukrainian government that this is exhibit Caesar emails he’s her memos these are photos that they show quote show full the full sweep of manafort’s Ukrainian work essentially days hey. This is evidence is going to be corroborating evidence for some of the witnesses that are going to describe what manafort was doing and why he was using these bank account in Cyprus and another foreign locations to hide money that he did not report to the self this is very very key evidence the government says to this trial text back where we’re not expecting the word Russia was not expecting the word collusion we’re not probably hardly even hearing the name of President Trump in this trial the government and the defense have both agreed that they’re going to keep this focused on the bank fraud the tax charges and look this is a tall order for metaphor he is an uphill climb for them because he either filed the paperwork saying that he owned his bank account or he did not and what we know is he did not so what we factors that the metaphor team is going to say look these accounts didn’t belong to him and so this is why the government evidence which is going to show all the work that he was doing and why he was getting paid in these foreign locations is very important so we 3 weeks of trial wolf and again a lot of this is going to be squarely focused on the tax and bank fraud charges remember manafort also faces charges here in Washington DC that one has a lot more to do with the allegations that he was working for the Ukrainian government failed to register as a foreign agent even as he was working for the Trump campaign thank you very much I feel mad what is all this tell you about how Robert Mueller and his team are working but distance is like it for a former pro wrestling fan the steel cage match I saw this with Juliana today is the present seems going to try to say look the only issue on the table here is Russia did somebody cooperate with Russia all this stuff about lying to Federal investigators all this stuff about money is just a sideshow what the government is saying is look when we started doing the investigation this isn’t about a few thousand bucks this isn’t about changed you shake out from the sofa you’re talking about somebody had 60 million dollars of income and didn’t declare it so as they conduct the investigation I think mother is sitting there saying I followed them and I had no option but to say this wasn’t an incident in significant amount manafort was wildly in violation of the law and in what’s peculiar is that even at this late stage it’s unclear to me Rick Gates who was with him every step of the way it’s going to be testify that the whole thing was it illegal to scam a tax avoidance money laundering what’s the defense I guess that you know Rick Gates is trying to save his own skin but did he pay his I mean I mean what’s the defense in the case I don’t know cuz he thinks he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail given all the charges that have been leveled against it was just to me sort of surprising he didn’t cooperate and say you know what Let’s Make a Deal yeah I mean this is in my opinion incredibly strong case it’s a paper case I think both Jeff and fell just ask the right question which is what is the defense particularly where there’s a cooperator who’s going to say yes that was actually manafort’s account until incredibly difficult case for Matt afford to beat and Incredibly what when you talk about paper cases you follow the money and you follow the trail and you have a criminal prosecution that more often than not as successful and as to the time I mean each count their accounts up to 30 years and so he’s looking at a lot of exposure in federal prison for a conviction which is known as the rocket docket they say this trial is going to take 3 weeks but then it’ll take 2 weeks things go very fast in that courthouse in the bank fraud all of these things that occurred before he was served as the campaign chairman for president Trump and and right this is going to put the focus back on the Russia investigation back special counsel Robert Mueller and that is going to be played out on television which we know the president watches frequently day after day after day and it’s only going to bring that up and likely infuriate him even more which is also likely why we’ve seen him lash out at the special counsel how much in recent days this is all unfolding right now he said look know what metaphor that was a long long time ago there’s nothing to do with me well it when it has to do with him is the obvious that he was his campaign chair at a critical juncture in the campaign someone who had been a long-term fixture in Republican politics and as Jeffrey was saying there’s not they’re certainly not an obvious defense for what he did in his Consulting practice and then use you have all these dash line to his business ties overseas with Pro Russian Ukrainian government forces this is at another dash line to the Russia investigation doesn’t proven guilty of anything but it makes it clear why it’s being investigated what happened to you last week over at the so you were the network pool reporter and an event you ask legitimate important question and president didn’t want to answer that was fine you left and then you were told you can’t go to an open Event in the Rose Garden because they didn’t like the you were asking what’s been there what’s been the fall out since then questions at the White House that he wasn’t going to answer those beforehand because he already held a press conference with the Italian Prime Minister today where they took four questions total two from each side of the American in the Italian you day in and day out and clearly this colon stuff is really consuming the president and something he’s quite angry about that is what we were asking about in the Oval Office last week and you can see how that is really showing you and revealing to them to you the president mindset on all of this is just how angry he is over what his former attorney longtime friend and fix her has said about him the president’s frustration is really coming through in regards to all these questions well reporter we’re grateful that we have your thanks so much for doing that Caitlin give her a big round of applause
Special counsel Robert Mueller says that Paul Manafort earned $60 million from his work as a political consultant in Ukraine.

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