Mueller report reveals Trump tried to seize control of Russia probe

Mueller report reveals Trump tried to seize control of Russia probe
Mueller report reveals Trump tried to seize control of Russia probe
Let’S try to start with the facts. What we know are over 400 pages in The been able to read them all, but we have been able to read the conclusions that Robert Mueller, the special Council himself, comes up with that’s without the White House spin. Without anything that might have gone on before and the conclusion simply is this one, it doesn’t look good for the president and his campaign doesn’t look good in this report either. It is true that Robert Mueller cancel does not find that there was collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government. That much is true when the President says no collusion. He is right, but the Donald Trump campaign and Russian operatives go to fully close to looting according to the special counsel they didn’t in the end, maybe because the Trump campaign didn’t want to festival or was incapable of doing so, but I would have, for example, contacts Between Wikileaks and the president’s son, then the candidates and Donald Trump Jr, for example. Many attempts by the Russian government by Russian operatives are detailed by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, of how they wanted to somehow work with the Trump campaign and potentially collude with it. It didn’t come to that in the end, autopsy reports no collusion. That is something that the White House is celebrating here today and was celebrating last month when the Attorney General, William Barr, published his first conclusions as well. Was this question fraction of Justice by the president? Now the President says there was no obstruction, but he’s not entirely right on that front, because nobody really has made up their mind on that front yet, except the Attorney General, William Barr, who of course was nominated for that post by the president himself. Robert Mueller’s conclusion is actually that he is unsure whether that was obstruction of justice and, in fact, once the US Congress to decide in the end, now. haven’t been able to decide on that front. It has been the attorney general who came up with his own conclusions, and what that means for us is this story will run and run and run. The US Congress and especially Democrats, will want to have their say so this is it essentially from the first read-through that we’ve made here in from the first conclusions that we seen from the special counsel that simply doesn’t make the president look good. Yes, there was no collusion, and that was no absolutely clear case of obstruction of justice, but still it makes the Donald Trump campaign look very willing to work with Russian agents and it makes the president look very willing to potentially obstruct Justice and maybe the biggest conclusion Of which we forget about the time clearly shows that there was extensive meddling by the Russian government in the US presidential election in 2016. Remember. That is something that the president has denied many times. It has become that little bit clearer again in the Robert Mueller yeah, where Wikileaks sends Donald Trump Jr a password to access the website put in, and then he told me his campaign stop. Successfully use that password. Yet I believe it was in fact that I used at some point by the Trump campaign know. All of this was of course, at a very crucial moment during the campaign campaign, this house with emails. First of all that came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman mr. podesta. Those were hacked by Russian groups at the time that the Russian government itself, necessarily and within released, play Wikileaks that, with all those that came from the Democratic National Committee at the time of the democratic convention, but also her to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Quite seriously. What was seeing in these communications between Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr? Is it clear, on behalf of WikiLeaks, to work with the Donald Trump campaign they Wikileaks wants. The Donald Trump campaign to release those emails at the Donald Trump campaign also is interested in what is coming from WikiLeaks because they know that it could hurt their opponent’s campaign in the in the final stretches, so we’re very, very close to the two working together. But the conclusion again from Robert Mueller is that there was no collusion. Of course, I was tried. Those other Trump aides like a general Flynn like Paul manafort, also mentioned extensively moving ahead. You say it’s going to be a long, lengthy process in Congress. Is it going to voters either way? I don’t think so. At this point I think both appear to be firmly entrenched. Suddenly the White House is the president’s. Is they certainly not coming across as celebrating today that when they look at the details of the report they might not be, they will still be spending this, of course. That way, and that essentially boils down to three points – that there was no collusion, that there was no obstruction, and this is presidential harassment at tweets coming from the president earlier today here at the White House, and the president of course mentioned that in an event adjust An hour ago here in the White House, East room report and are seeing reasons to continue their investigations up on Capitol Hill. Judiciary Committee. Looking into this, the intelligence committee’s I’ll doing the exact same thing Fall: Festival Robert Mueller, to testify up on Capitol Hill. Also for the Attorney General, William Barr again to go in front of those same committees, so they will be many questions asked especially from Democrats on Capitol Hill and Democrats. Essentially, look at this report and say this might be. There might be some good news here for Democrats when they want to go off to the present, especially when it comes to the 2020 presidential election update
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Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. election described in extensive and sometimes unflattering detail how President Donald Trump tried to impede the probe, raising questions about whether he committed obstruction of justice.

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