Mueller responds to Trump lawyers’ interview requests

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Mueller responds to Trump lawyers’ interview requests
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we are getting mixed signals from the White House about President Trump’s latest that the Russia collusion prob’ly terminated early in the day the president called on attorney general Jeff sessions to pull the plug on that investigation on Twitter shortly thereafter she White House Hansen Mueller a list of conditions for an interview as to what they would and would not agree to well now they finally heard back Fox News has learned that special counsel Robert Mueller has not agreed to demands from press Trump’s attorneys to limit questioning to matters of collusion that he still wants to ask questions regarding obstruction of justice and a few other topics 1 concession from mower according to sources he has agreed to reduce the number of questions from his she listed 49 and is willing to accept some answers in writing the other is he still want to oral answers to sources say talks with the special counsel continue but ad there was a long way to go Rudy Giuliani told 5 is still to say no to an interview but the president Trump wants him to keep talking with Mueller news of the mother response followed a tweet this morning in which president Trump criticized the investigation in his strongest language yet the president tweeting this is a terrible situation at attorney general Jeff sessions you should stop this rig witch-hunt right now before it continues to stay in our country any further the White House was quick to proclaim the president was only airing frustration not telling section what to do the present is stating his opinion he clearly with the level of corruption that we’ve seen from people like Jim Comey Peter struck the president may have simply been blowing off steam as he has done many times in the past but the net effect was to put the spotlight squarely back on the Russia investigation Democrat Adam Schiff on Twitter Justice hiding in plain sight as Republican senator Susan Collins the presents tweeted some fortunate I think it’s inappropriate for him to be commenting on an ongoing investigation establish the clear it was wrapping up the trade dispute with China and dancing today that the next 200 billion dollars in Chinese good to be targeted by terrorists could be taxed at a rate of 25% more than double the initially proposed 10% mine is the president’s going to continue to hold China responsible for their unfair Trade Practices this is gone on for long enough and he’s going to do something about it at work if us takes for the measures to escalate the situation 500 billion dollars worth of goods every year from China so in an escalating tit-for-tat when it comes to terrorist the US believes it’s got far more bullets
Special counsel Robert Mueller answers Trump lawyers’ requests regarding a potential interview as Trump says Sessions should stop the Russia investigation; John Roberts reports.

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