Mulcair: I don’t know what the NDP position on Venezuela is

Mulcair: I don’t know what the NDP position on Venezuela is
Prior weekly talk with Miranda, be there Tamil CareNow ctv’s, increasingly controversial political commentator. Is Montreal only controversy, it’s controversial that exist in his Province, but he was saying that much and student killed six Muslim. Is he right for me doesn’t exist, or is he in some sort of denial? Well, he had to walk that back and he walked it back very in a very Lee Manor, say: mother was no current of islamophobia in Quebec, but they were actions of his islamophobia and then he went ahead and named Isabel’s Cafe. If that name rings of you know who fairly fairly familiar ballots because she used to be an Olympic athlete, he named her minister of the status of women yesterday and she has been falling down. Making these incredibly bad statement saying that he drive a head scarf, is a sign of servitude of women and it’s not. It doesn’t fit with her own personal value and therefore it’s wrong and it’s just been horrible. She tried to walk that back today and it got even worse so that there is no end to the madness in the in the approach of the question of religion, terrible or public opinion that says that’s the public policy driven by Focus Group. Mister mister logo has convinced himself that he won because of his position against religious symbols, Reed against Muslim women, because that seems to be exactly what gets talked about first and foremost, and their ability, for example, to be a school teacher hijab headscarf. So you have this ridiculous situation where you have two women wearing identical floral scarf. One of them is not Muslim and she’s, just wearing it to hold her hair she’s going to get a job, but that’s why we are all right. I got to ask you. I am totally confused as to where the NDP stands on Canada’s moves to support regime change in Venezuela. This morning, play Barney Bears predict, says that now we’re walking back our position, which was that this is a coup and that Canada acted too hastily and came out. This afternoon – and he says basically original position – stand agreement on replacing a dictatorial man who sprayed a humanitarian crisis. How can you get agreement on anything, we’re well, you’re missing. The third part, which was the caucus chair, Matthew. a very respected empty, as he came out of question.. He was asked about that and he said well Ln level TL has delivered the party position, so against that backdrop it becomes very difficult to understand. Since the beginning. The ndp’s try to stake out some Turf on this. That was slightly different from the other parties. What Ellen did she fantastic is a career Diplomat? She knows how to do that time to Maduro to organize other elections. That’S what we should have done, but now that all that is over we’re supporting one yo, the opposition leader, and we want to make sure that mr. Maduro is is gotten rid of now. At the same time had that you just said at West a completely different version, so I don’t know what the official position is, because the caucus chair and then the other Foreign Affairs critic are both saying one thing and apparently something quite different was said by mr. Sing at West: well, I don’t get that either all right! I live as long as the NDP new lows with leadership approval other than 4th place in Quebec. You got three weeks to go until your C goes up for a by-election. I hate to keep putting you on the spot, these things of the former leader, but seriously is there any chance? I can win that seat. There is a chance they could win. That’S because I want it four times for the NDP and you have to believe that. There’S still hope and Julio Sanchez and any other election would be considered by the end trustar candidate and go back. I can tell you she’s running a great campaign. They did. A fundraiser recently got a lot of money, long time, NDP, stalwart and Canada’s most respected. In best known philosopher, Charles Taylor gave a speech there, so the bass is there they’re working hard for their controversial local dish, localicious that seem to be following in her favor. It is a two-party race right now. It’S between the liberals who came second last time and the NDP it’s still going to be a very tough fight, but the 8 % range that we’ve been given for the current polling for the NDP in the province of Quebec. That’S not what we were expecting to see a new tomorrow, riding Julio Sanchez going to do much better than that. Will it be enough to be able to hold on to the riding? That’S that’s the tough part, all right. There’S a lot of backlash from TV show, saying: you’re, either bitter and seeking revenge against the party or you’re plotting a comeback personally 2 caustic about the NDP. How do you plead this time or care? Will you know if I were in the position of pleading? Maybe I would be on the defensive, but Don, and anybody who goes back through all of my statements would probably find that I didn’t try rather a open and and strong in favor of the ndp’s positions and it and it’s work. But I think that you have to have broader shoulders and not be able to handle a simple observation on the way things are going and with 40 years experience and God. I love sharing my observations and comments and the pundit roll I’m having a ball, and I do it in French and in English, and you know what, thanks to you, I’m learning my new trade and having a lot of fun doing it. All right majority government will know you really believe it all right. Thanks very much.
“I don’t know what the official position is”: Tom Mulcair discussed the contradictory messages coming from the NDP over the party’s position on Venezuela.

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