“Multiple victims” reported in Maryland business park shooting

I’m coming out helicopter just over when I had another one Miami here we talk about Parker County public school buses to compliment an empty ship 155 Dustin trail bike Medevac helicopter is overhead fear.the another one skills with Google plumbers wait until next year which is better number of law enforcement Vehicles just leaving the scene here in Harford County but the word on any fatalities 11:45 or so write yes. 1237 Aranda well we’ve also Jessica just learned that a number of patients were taken to Hopkins Bayview and they are going to hold a press conference at 12 30 and we’re going to be covering that as well as at 11:45 so just 10 minutes from now Harford County Sheriff’s Office is going to be holding a briefing we saw an ATF K9 going into the season we also Rapids right now that I’m watching as it comes out of the efforts to 77 I have a burst of vehicle that died a lot of federal agencies may have lost my audio of my Ife connection to you but again we’re waiting for a briefing in about about 10 minutes here I hear you again there Sheriff’s Office Vehicles behind ear coming in for different Vehicles including motorized vehicle that is heading to the entrance fear of this Rite Aid distribution center on Cusseta Road for different Vehicles we saw that Medevac Chopper land just a few moments ago and that is still again they’re bringing in more Vehicles a militarized vehicle here according to the Associated Press just to repeat from their sources three people dead here we’re still waiting to hear more information about the suspect here still an active seen as this contingent of vehicles pets into the business park here the scene where the shooting happened just about 2 and 1/2 hours ago again three people that’s according to a pedia briefing to come in just a few minutes and still an active seen as more law enforcement officers at here I see another four five six seven Vehicles just there. here at the entrance to the facility here so it looks like something has happened we don’t know what we don’t know the status of the suspect or suspects year from the sheriff’s office but again a large contingent of Law Enforcement Officers here at the scene and will continue to monitor the situation here to sushi roll alright 9:06 this morning the first calls came in for a shooting here at this Rite Aid distribution center which is on Harford County about a shooting happened last year for their familiar fortunately dealing with things like this Associated Press first reported that there were multiple fatalities and provided some more detail citing an anonymous law enforcement stores in we are still waiting for official word from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office they are keeping people back from the actual Business Park however you can see that including federal agents from the ATF and the FBI who are here investigating just about 10 or so minutes ago we saw the Medevac touchdown here and that was after they had a van Harford County school buses and then moments ago you shot live here on WJZ when a large contingent of Law Enforcement Officers came here including a militarized vehicle and what typically happens something happened in the building they have to go inch by inch in that building and make sure that it’s clear that the threat is gone how we don’t know how many other people may have been injured although that AP reports this through yet we don’t know if or the extent of food are looking for if they’re looking for anyone in multiple suspects whether that is the case however we did see them Tollway a grey Honda Civic behind me when we first arrived at the scene we don’t know if that is connected in some way to this but they told that away of I’d say about an hour ago from the same here and we also have seen multiple law enforcement agency still arriving here at the scene and that Medevac has not yet as far as I’ve been able to hear because I did sure it was right across the street when it landed we did not see that Medevac Chopper take back off and we know that are being treated at Trauma Centers in the area including at Johns Hopkins Bayview and they’re going to hold a press conference for hearing around 12:30 today WJZ will be covering that if we hope to get more details of but there are a number of Trauma Centers in this area from Baltimore stretching up to Delaware that can take these patients and we’re still waiting on a number of injured and perhaps in just basic details about the severity of those injuries a lot of people here some people are not able to get to where they live their concern and we talked to one woman who said how chaotic it was how every is it seem like all hell broke loose responding here and masks and trying to investigate this and figure out what exactly happened to your show again it appears that just a few moments ago some there was a lot of activity now ATF people in police vest and one of them has a large weapon as she’s walking out of the same here just across and we’re seeing looks like a little bit more activity number of Agents you’re on the scene I would say at least three dozen Harford County Sheriff’s Office is going to put a press conference in just minutes from now Denis yea audio C2 battery for what that’s got three bars and it doesn’t look frayed that’s weird sweating like crazy are they giving you any directions and I are all here whatever just testing testing happy my check they don’t. We not testing testing can you hear me now hello wearing a in an ounce I’m hoping for that I’m kind of nervous I’m sorry oh I’m sorry I a little after 9 in the morning about an hour human resource about that they are participating in Philadelphia from where we are having this press conference again from the sheriff bring that to you live in Harford County Maryland stop bothering anyone that one here once you okay great home my name is Christy Hopkins and the director of media and public relations for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office with me today I have cherished every Taylor and our County Executive Barry Glassman to brief you on the events of morning I just really want to remind everyone that this is still a very fluid investigation watching the reports this morning there was a lot of misinformation already out and circulating and so I please urge you to follow the Sheriff’s Office on her social the information that is confirmed and I will let you know thank you fortunately our law enforcement partnership in this morning in our prayers and prayers and thoughts and prayers to Harford County Sheriff’s Office all those affected we are so preliminary into this investigation I know there’s a million questions we’re not going to take any questions today I know you have many but it’s Christie said it’s so important we do you and fast reputable be harmed from today’s events we don’t want to make it as if you can make it worse you certainly can we don’t want to be part of that we want to release back so please allow us the time to gather facts and share those with you I’m going to give you as much information as we can right now even though it’s very preliminary and it’s very limited at about 9:06 this morning report came into Dispatch Center from The Rite Aid distribution center of shots immediately deputies officers Troopers other First Responders responded we were on seeing just in over 5 minutes arriving law enforcement fire and EMS units quickly turn up together into the building in order to render first aid where appropriate based on what we know right now and again very preliminary the loan suspects in this incident is in custody and is in critical condition at a local hospital it appears to be a single weapon that was used a handgun and there were no shots fired by any of the law enforcement officers responding to the scene we do not believe that there’s an additional threat anywhere to our Harford County Community we have set up a family reunification Center working with the county executive in Ark Partners at the level Volunteer Fire house and then again this investigations very early I in our office will be happy to give you more information becomes available again I ask you keep the victims of today’s tragic event in your thoughts and prayers and I’ll show you have to thank our fellow first respond we have responders here for the federal government who weren’t seen within minutes yet natural resources in Bel Air very fortunate here that everyone works so well together and respond so well together that we were on scene and able to get as much Aid in as quickly as possible so that’s what we have for you a little later when we’re going to have some additional details I know you’re anxious for him will be as timely as we can and the Chinese want to offer a few thoughts this morning sure l e r Glassman County Executive I just got off the phone with Governor Hogan a few moments ago and updated the governor won the incident so far as we know it he offered all of his resources available under state government appreciate the Maryland State Police all the Allied agencies that responded to follow this probably from the moment to call came in on our dispatch and listen to the radio Transmissions today’s world we have active shooter drill and drills and I can tell you and tell her Harford County Citizens that every agency performed at the top of their profession and the response from for Allied agencies was great our Volunteer Fire and EMS system responded with medical units so I am thankful to all the agencies that came out to help us today to get through this which is becoming a 2 occurrence not only in Harford County but in the country so with that said we we really reach out to those families that are suffering right now that have lost loved ones and offer our services as we begin to get them reunify not only with loved ones lost but with workers that have been displaced so I certainly think all our courageous men and women that have helped us this morning we’re not going to give any additional information right now again this is very fluid and nail down some of those other details in and give you a better picture of what unfolded thank you so much yup whatever you whatever you want to do what’s up for some reason yeah baby the doctor Pingree Freight so I don’t know when it’s going to happen but probably in like 5-10 minutes I would guess So Raven sang sang raping on the trolley medical director here at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center about all I can tell you right now is that we received for persons from the incident this morning are they all came to us Center serving this part of of Maryland they’re all under our care we’re waiting for confirmation that their families have been notified that they are here and have been notified of their condition before we can give you any specifics about their conditions so all I can tell you to receive for patients with gunshot wounds earlier today to us there all patients we weren’t there so everything we know a second third hand can’t comment on whether one or not is is a shooter so well really we need to wait to make sure their families are notified before we can give any of you details about their specific conditions gunshot wound I’m I think I’ll all I really want to say is they all suffered gunshot wounds and until we have a chance to talk to their families first I think that’s it’s it’s best for their families under conditions from us directly rather than through you unfortunately some of them are required surgical Care by ground I mean Maryland has an excellent EMS system it is pretty Advanced to and very well organized for our country and so they are all beneficiaries of that Nims system and their brought here very rapidly so memes has a priority it has a triage scale and they were all considered Priority One because they have suffered gunshot wounds I can’t tell you that until we know the families know who’s here they’re all adults so I think there are some contact numbers for them to call I don’t know again if I call the hospital directly until authorities have notified them I don’t know that they’re going to share more information about their specific so I believe that authorities are going to notify all the patient that received let them know that they’re here and then once we’ve had confirmation that that notification is happen then we can give them more information yes so so in the state of Maryland again there’s an organization called Nims Maryland Institute for EMS services all the prehospital providers are trained on the men’s protocols and their specific injuries that they have patients would do best if they came to a designated trauma center and so if the EMS providers feel they meet those criteria Bradley take them to designated Trauma Centers within the state of Maryland for this part of the state they gave you is the the closest Trauma Center to serve them other ones in our region of course it would be Johns Hopkins Hospital and shock trauma but again we released in the trauma Community we feel that there certain patients whose outcomes are approved by going to designate Trauma Centers that are resource command and have the expertise to care for those patients and this is one probably event where that that will probably prove to be true I think at least this time we are business as usual at first when we didn’t know how many patients we are getting of course be kind of adapter to be ready to take more patience and we are ready to take more patients again in the state of Maryland date that the state I think tried to distribute patients best to where there was Resources in Cape available to take care of them so they saw that we are receiving multiple casualties and we could take more but of course they try to offload the the number of casualties by Distributing into other Trauma Centers in the region I have not had conversations like that with any patient so I can’t safe to be honest with you at what’s happening now is after those patients came in after that things went back to business as usual you know it as a Trauma Center we will get patients like this either in multiple-casualty events like this or single cash at the events and we take care of them and once the surge occurred and we we’re comfortable that weren’t more patients weren’t coming in then was business as usual again so we have a single surgical ICU for trauma and other surgical patients and if any of them are rated level of care they would be there but again I don’t want to comment on specific conditions of any patients once we have confirmation that the patient family have been informed that their loved ones are here and that we had a chance to talk directly to the patients families and let them know their conditions and perhaps we could share more information about those specific patients I think that the police authorities are they’re reaching out for those contacts okay right thank you
A shooting Thursday at a Rite Aid warehouse center near Aberdeen, Maryland, left “multiple fatalities” and many wounded, sheriff’s officials said.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler called the shooting a “tragic event” but declined to specify the number of dead and injured or to take questions from reporters at a news conference.

The sheriff said a suspect, who appeared to use a single handgun in the shooting. was hospitalized in critical condition. Gahler said no shots were fired by law enforcement officers but did not elaborate on how the suspect was injured.

The Associated Press quoted an unidentified law enforcement official as saying three people were killed in the incident 55 miles northeast of Baltimore.

A law enforcement official told WBAL-TV’s Jayne Miller that the suspect is female and has been taken to a hospital.

The shooting occurred at a Rite Aid support facility, and “what I understand is the location is secure,” Rite Aid spokeswoman Susan Henderson said. Roughly 1,000 employees work there, she said.

“The distribution center is where products are received and processed for delivery,” she said. “This is part of a large facility that is a distribution center. The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building.”

Alexi Scharmann told WBAL that her mother, who works inside the Liberty building at the distribution center, texted her about a shooter inside the facility. The mother told her to take care of her father and the dogs. She was silent for more than a hour before notifying a family member that she was safe.


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